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Will outdoor games in 2021 become a consensus among people?

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We live in stressful times, and exercise is more important than ever. The situation of COVID-19 has been changing, and when it will return to normal is a topic of concern to many ordinary people. Exercise is a good way to relieve stress and has a positive effect on physical and mental health.


It may take some time for the use of indoor fitness facilities to return to normal. Fitness facilities are usually prone to bacteria and have many "touch points". Therefore, after COVID-19, the rebound speed of indoor fitness facilities may be slow. At this time, many people began to focus on outdoor exercise. In fact, there are many types of outdoor exercises, such as outdoor swing and slideoutdoor gym weightsboating exercise machine and treehouse obstacle course.

 outdoor swing and slide

Once restrictions on outdoor entertainment areas and parks are lifted, outdoor sports may become the new normal. Outdoor exercise improves physical fitness. For example, rock climbing requires people to climb up quickly. In the process of climbing, we are training our strength. At the same time, people's brains need to quickly think about how to choose routes and how to maintain body balance during the climbing process. Outdoor exercise enhances cardiorespiratory function and promotes metabolism in the body. Running, outdoor fitness bike and outdoor resistance band workout exercises over a period of time will increase the body's oxygen consumption, promote blood circulation, strengthen the heart's ability to adapt to high-intensity exercise, thereby reducing the occurrence of heart disease. In the process of exercise, the exhaust gas in the body is continuously discharged and fresh air is constantly coming in, which increases the oxygen content of the blood and accelerates the metabolism.

Compared with indoor areas, outdoor areas have some advantages to limit the spread of the virus.

The outdoor air circulation is good, and the outdoor sports area makes the airborne virus particles spread faster. The social distance allowed in outdoor sports areas is greater. Outdoor sports areas provide important UV rays that can reduce and kill virus levels.


Generally, parks provide many outdoor sports opportunities, such as trails for running, biking or walking. The added outdoor workout equipment can turn it into an outdoor fitness center.

 outdoor workout equipment

When you concentrate on outdoor sports, you will find that many outdoor sports can help you forget some unpleasant things, and regular outdoor sports can make your personality more cheerful and sunny. Popular outdoor exercise equipment includes outdoor fitness bench, outdoor weight equipment and outdoor exercise mat.


It is very important to be well prepared to warm up before exercise. If you do not fully prepare for exercise before exercise, your muscles and ligaments are likely to cause ligament strains when the temperature is low. Generally, it is advisable to keep the body warm. Muscles will become fatigued after exercise. At this time, you can relax your muscles and body and mind through hot baths and psychological relaxation.


Replenishing water after exercise is equally important.


The humidity in the air decreases in autumn and winter, which can easily cause symptoms such as dry throat and chapped lips. If you sweat during exercise, it will aggravate the lack of water in the body. So be sure to drink plenty of water after the event, and eat more foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables. If you have a lot of exercise and sweat too much, you can add a small amount of salt to the boiling water. 

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