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Why do parents need to play with their children in a soft indoor playground?

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In education and life, the most lacking way of communication between parents and children is not the computer, but the basic interaction between people. With the commercial competition of the times, especially the various pressures and distractions given to each member of the family by the current society, the most ordinary and real interaction between parents and children is often missing. And playing with kids in the indoor playground family fun play area has become a luxury.


Specifically, when the children of one-year-old talk, some parents will use mobile phones or applications to teach them words and let them watch educational TV programs. However, if no one around them communicates with them, the children will not realize why they want to talk. In fact, the fundamental motivation for children to learn to speak is to communicate with people around them. Even the children who can't speak can communicate with others with gestures. So if the parents can teach words by playing games with kids on the children’s world indoor playground, the children will learn to speak more quickly. Research shows that if you want to teach a child a foreign language, video teaching is basically ineffective. However, if a real person uses the same language and actions in the video to teach them, the children can learn it. Therefore, when children are very young, real interaction has the best learning effect. Any high-tech multimedia means can not replace the role of real people and interesting games at the indoor bouncy castle playground.

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For example, when parents talk with babies, babies will observe their parents' mouths, listen to their parents' voices, and then imitate their parents' mouth patterns. But this is not the case. When we talk to babies, their first reaction is to look at our eyes. They won't look at our mouths until they have found out who we are. Babies need to know their identities and then have an interest in learning. Eye and physical contact with parents will stimulate the development desire of children, which can not be replaced by any high technology. And it is obvious that playing games at the best indoor playground for toddlers is a good choice. Children can imitate some sounds and words from machines, but they can't learn the reasons why people need the language through the video. Communication and emotion in language need face-to-face contact, such as games on the inside playground for kids.



In addition, mobile phones have become a very important part of our life. However, we also need a special time for our children to feel their important position in our hearts. In this period of time, we can tell stories to our children or play games with them at the indoor playground for home, so as to build a good family relationship. Thus, videos and applications can only be used as auxiliary, but they can not occupy or even replace the time of the interaction between parents and kids. Only with the patient company of parents can children s physical and mental health be developed well.

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