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Why can children exercise their physical and mental health through the outdoor playground?

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In the process of growth, we will develop our body, emotion, intelligence and social skill, which can affect our physical and mental health. And to make kids interested in all kinds of activities on developing health physically and mentally, it is recommended to take children to the children’s world indoor playground or buy some indoor play structures for home. And this is what parents should care about and pay attention to.


1. Physiological Development

From birth to 12 months old, the baby' s body grows quick, including his brain, weight, height, hands, feet and limbs. But the growth rate of each baby is not the same, and the difference is about a few weeks or a month. In addition, the baby' s senses have developed during the period of pregnancy, such as smell, touch, taste, hearing and vision. However, these feelings are not fully developed, so parents should develop their baby's feelings through life skills and interesting games. The fun indoor playground can be an excellent choice. If the baby' s head is too small or his language expression is not clear, it is likely that his brain is stunted. To improve this situation, we can also participate in activities that are conducive to the brain development, such as the playground for babies.


2. Physical Development

Infants and young children grow faster in the upper part of the body than in the rest of the body, and they need to learn to control their body movements through the best soft play for babies. However, the growth and development speed of each infant and young child will be different. One of the reasons is that it is affected by human and environmental factors. If they have more opportunities to contact and play with their relatives, and have a good living environment, their development speed will be the same as that of ordinary people. Therefore, we can prepare the indoor place for kids to help their development of physical and mental health.


3. Intellectual Development

Intellectual development can include language development and cognitive development. Children' s language development develops from learning single letters to single words. Then they will ask further questions so that they can speak the complete sentence. At the age of five or six, children can learn to speak from adults and add words to their vocabulary. Cognitive development is that children can absorb knowledge to solve problems in the process of the adaptation to the environment after birth. In fact, infants can only know the world through their senses and actions. At the end of infancy, infants just know that invisible things are objectively existent. Thus, we can play with children on the indoor inflatable playground to help their intellectual development.


4. Emotional and Social Development

Children and parents need to establish a dependency relationship. If the baby sends out certain signals but the parents do not respond, such signals will disappear. In the same way, babies will respond to signals from their parents and adjust their behaviors to cooperate with their parents. If the babies lack care or are abused by the caregiver, they will establish a bad dependency relationship, which will affect their interpersonal relationship in the future. As a result, parents should emphasize on the dependency relationship with their children and playing games together in the indoor play zone is a great way. 

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