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Why are playground slides so popular with children?

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Kid’s slide is something indispensable to the amusement playground. You are bound to see that children are always lining up by the kid's playground slide no matter which playground you visit. Ask every kid what their favorite outdoor playground equipment is, they will pick the kid's play slide without any hesitation. The children are full of desire to explore the word. It is no doubt that the playground slide is one of few places a child can truly experience a thrilling rush of adrenalin without fear of major injury.


But why children love the children’s slide so much? And what benefit does the indoor slide for kids or kid's slide outdoor offer in a world full of safety guidelines and supervised behavior?


Designs of Playground Slide

To start with, the playground slides were built from wood material. However, the kid’s wooden slide is often dangerous for children. For kid’s safety and better user experience, the wooden playground slides were replaced by a more durable material—metal. But this type of material presented new safety risks. They are now banned or infrequently found in public playgrounds because they are often rusted, cracked or separated.


Today most playground slides are made of plastic. The plastic slides for kids are seamless and rotationally-molded which offer a safe, fast, and exciting experience for children. And there are many small kid's slides designed for toddlers. The shapes and colors of the slides have also become more varied. Children who love the slide have a better experience and parents are glade that today’s slides can ensure the safety of their children.


The benefits that the slides offer

Kids love the playground equipment and the slides are their favorite ones. There are many benefits of engaging in slide activities and these benefits can explain why children love the playground slides so much.


Engaging in slide activities can exercise coordination ability and enhance the body control. From the process of slide activities, children need to master their own balance and speed.


Slides are the great motivator to promote physical activity on the ground. Kids need to take a lot of efforts to climb up and slide down.


Children who often take part in playground slides will have good sense of balance. Because kids need to learn to judge the relationship between themselves and the ground that will build a sense of balance and visual-spatial concepts. A good sense of balance is fundamental to athletic ability.


It takes confidence and exploration for children to engage the play ground slide activities. It is a exciting and thrill-seeking experience to them. Climbing the tall playground structure or slide requires a good deal of confidence. When children face the tall slide and climb it successfully, their confidence and courage will be greatly boosted.


Love to play is the nature of children, the correct guidance will conducive to the physical and mental health of children. If you want to know more information of the playground equipment, please feel free to contact us.

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