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Who are we?

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Who are we?

Oloplay is an outdoor playground solution provider and scene maker who started with a keen insight into outdoor playground. Oloplay has years of experience in solving amusement scenes, We are committed to provide a safe outdoor playground for the healthy growth of children. Oloplay has been committed to providing products and design solutions for outdoor playground, indoor playground, advanced indoor trampoline Park and outdoor fitness over 10 years. We have a rich industry experience, we believe that success depends on the quality of our products, service and commitment to customers.


We cooperate with various businesses operating indoor or outdoor playground and outdoor fitness, providing them with products and scene design solutions, so that our partners can provide a safe playground for children and attract more tourists at the same time.


What can we offer?

Oloplay started from outdoor recreation, deeply cultivated the concept of scene, and constantly expanded its product line. At present, we provide outdoor playground equipments, indoor playground equipments, advanced indoor trampoline and outdoor fitness equipments.


Our products all use imported LLDPE plastic parts, GB galvanized steel pipe, covered with plastic surface, and all fasteners put to use 304 stainless steel.  After our professional test, our products can effectively anti-ultraviolet, anti-static and not easy to fade. 

Why choose Oloplay

1. We have decades of experience in children's playground facilities projects and years of foreign trade experience.


We are very professional in product integration and quality control. We can provide customized services for customers, accurately understanding and carrying out your customized requirements.


2. For those customers who are worried about the playground design, we provide professional product recommendation service.

We will provide you with the most professional scene design and product matching solution based on the sites and users. We can design solutions for any budget.

3. We have reliable after-sales service.


If you encounter any problems in the follow-up use and maintenance of your products, we will provide you with solutions in time


4. We have a higher service advantage than our peers, and have a professional problem solving team that can responds in time.


Oloplay will be your one-stop service Park Builder and consultant. We warmly welcome you to share your enthusiasm for children's sports and health with us.

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