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Where should hand sanitizer be installed in playground equipment?

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The survey shows that nearly 60% of playgrounds are open. Under the influence of COVID-19, it is recommended to use hand sanitizer on playgrounds without soap and water. This article will introduce the hand sanitizers available and suggest how to install playground hand sanitizer to make it most effective.


Covid-19 has a great impact on all aspects of life. Judging from the ferocity and cunning nature of COVID-19, it is impossible for humans to completely eliminate it in a short time. Some researchers believe that the virus actually possesses the characteristics and functions of the hepatitis B virus and HIV, and it can spread widely as influenza. Even if the host is restored to health through treatment, the virus may remain in the host for life. When all kinds of conditions are met, it will come back to life and make waves.


The main reason this epidemic has brought to us is to have a healthy body. Now, many people choose outdoor sports to exercise. The outdoor recreational sports we are familiar with mainly include slide for climbing framesky trail adventureinteresting fitness trampoline, etc.


When exercising outdoors, pay attention to washing your hands frequently with hand sanitizer.


Which Playground Hand Sanitizer Stations Are There?

The playground is one of the places for entertainment and exercise, where many people are very relieved. Popular projects mainly include outdoor pirate shipwooden swings and slides and outdoor play fort.


Considering the budget, the style of the hand sanitizer dispenser and the available installation space, there are many options for hand sanitizer in the playground. You can install affordable pumping stations on the walls of entertainment centers or restrooms.


1. Pump type hand sanitizer dispenser


Pump hand sanitizer is the most common type of dispenser. The playground hand sanitizer station can hold up to a 33-ounce bottle of hand sanitizer.


2. Manual or automatic playground sink


Assuming you use a manual handle or an automatic non-contact hand sanitizer dispenser, an outdoor hand sanitizer station is suitable for this situation. Outdoor hand sanitizer stations are ideal for playgrounds designed for younger children. Children like gravity trampoline parkoutdoor play castle and wooden climbing frame with slide.


Do You Buy Hand Sanitizer at the Disinfection Station?

If you are used to buying a hand sanitizer dispenser, you can use it with an outdoor hand sanitizer station. They include an adjustable shelf. In addition, a dispenser containing a disinfectant made of 70% ethanol is also provided.


Where to Install Playground Hand Sanitizer?

It is recommended to install an outdoor hand sanitizer at the entrance and exit of each playground. This helps visitors to wash their hands easily before and after playing. If you have a particularly large playground, please consider adding playground hand sanitizer throughout the space.


Install outdoor hand sanitizer near school playground equipment to help students keep their hands clean during breaks.


Some areas where hand sanitizer is used in playgrounds include swings, playgrounds, ziplines and other free-standing playground equipment. Other areas include preschool play areas and games rooms. 

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