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When should the playground equipment be replaced?

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After a period of use in the kids playground, some of the outdoor playground equipment is obviously not as attractive as it was at the beginning.


Why does this happen? Because people love the new and hate the old, it's normal for whatever is interesting to become unattractive after a few plays. At this time, some equipment in the kid’s outdoor playground needs to be updated.


What is the update frequency of amusement equipment?

Generally speaking, the frequency of new playgrounds updating equipment is like this. In about three months, as some unpopular devices are basically known, about 5% of the devices can be updated. At six months, 10% of the equipment will be updated. In about a year, another 15% of the outdoor adventure play equipment will be updated. The amusement industry believes that if the equipment is updated at this frequency, the long-term competitiveness and vitality of the amusement park can be basically maintained.


The importance of timely replacement of new equipment for water amusement park

Every product has a life cycle, and water play equipment is no exception. To ensure the safety of this equipment, the freshness of the tourist experience, and to increase the rate of revisiting, it is particularly important to update the water playground equipment. 


From a safety point of view, all children's water play equipment has a certain useful life and will continue to be depreciated during use. The equipment that has reached the service life or is seriously worn will produce great potential safety hazards and reduce the safety performance. Providing safe experience services is the first priority of a water park. To ensure the safety of the equipment, the kids water playground needs to regularly update or introduce new equipment to replace the old ones according to the age and the actual condition of the equipment.


From the perspective of market demand, people's experience is dynamically changing. The amusement products remain unchanged, which will reduce the attractiveness and hardly trigger the interest of tourists to revisit, thereby affecting the revisit rate of the water park playground. In order to meet people's changing needs and create a new and interesting experience, the water play playground equipment update is one of the ways to achieve this goal.


From a marketing perspective, the update of water park equipment provides a hot spot for water park marketing, which is conducive to marketing innovation. Taking the opportunity of equipment update to carry out a variety of themed marketing activities will help stimulate the freshness and vitality of the water park, satisfy tourists' curiosity and further enhance its attractiveness.


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