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What should an excellent outdoor playground have?

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In the modern city, designing their own activity space for children is the core principle of landscape architects' design, which is conducive to the better growth of children. The design of children's outdoor playground is not only a playground for children, but also a public installation art. A special children's playground brings not only happiness, but also spiritual influence to children.


Canberra National Botanic Garden Playground

Taylor Cullity Lethlean designed the outdoor playground for kids as a small theme park, surrounded by plants. You can see the huge acorn hut hung in the sky, and there are outdoor play tunnels between the "acorns", and children can climb from this "acorn" into that "acorn". There is also a huge cone of Banksia sitting on the forest surface. Using seeds as a symbol of forest life allows children and their families to enter a magnified and wonderful world and inspire their creativity!


Sydney Darling Harbour City Plaza Central Playground

The project covers an area of 1.5 hectares. The center is a children's playground of 4000 square meters, which is also the largest children's playground in the center of Sydney. In order to highlight the characteristics of the industrial port of Darling Harbour, the playground takes "water" as the theme to create a series of creative water play equipments.


There is also a redesigned large lawn in Darling Harbour City Plaza, which provides visitors with a large area of greenery and water features, as well as a venue for outdoor play equipments.


Darlington Park Playground, Queensland

This playground is located in the center of the Arabiba community. Based on the surrounding landscape background of the site, through the design of the Darlington Park playground, it presents a series of different types of amusement experiences and provides a variety of preschool outdoor play equipments for children , such as imagination play, vitality play, sensation play and free play, and a wide lawn is designed in the adjacent area for the family to have a picnic or play outdoor swing sets.


Melbourne Children's Art Amusement Park

The current situation of the project is a triangular site under the memorial sculpture in Birrarung Marr Park. This is a unique amusement park. In the amusement park, it is not just a series of best outdoor playsets for toddlers, but through comprehensive design techniques, carefully selecting materials, textures, colors, layers and spaces to complete the design of the amusement park. Through the generous use of earthy colors, smooth styles and native vegetation to reflect the theme of the Australian landscape, people are encouraged to spend more time outdoors.


Glenelg Front Beach Playground

Yagle Nerg Front Beach Playground entertains children in a new, imaginative and innovative way. The design of the playground draws on the surrounding landscape and the history and culture of Glenelg Foreshore. In order to improve the natural playground and the principle of crisis benefits, children with physical, sensory, cognitive, and intellectual disabilities are incorporated to show a new standard and creative amusement experience, and to create a place where children and adults can play and socialize , The outdoor play area connected with the coast.


Children's Amusement Park at Milan Expo 2015

The project is a design for a children’s amusement park. The amusement park is a linear structure. There are eight amusement attractions on an elevated platform. Among them, there is a huge bobbin structure on a wooden frame, which can connect various kids outdoor playsets and activity areas are shielded to protect the children from the scorching sun or wind and rain. There are also entertainment projects suitable for family fun in the site, where man-made landscapes and natural landscapes coexist and are very harmonious. There is no rigid professional vocabulary about landscape introduction in the site, but the organic form of the landscape itself to introduce the history and status of the site to everyone.

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