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What should I pay attention to when opening a children’s playground in a shopping mall?

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Look at the following five trends to see how shopping malls can make money for children, and then learn that the market surrounding children has huge potential, allowing you to seize the current opportunity to open a children's playground and make a fortune.


The rise of mothers after 90s-super consumption desire and refined training concept will detonate new demand

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the upbringing of children has focused on the quality of cultivation, and parents will invest more energy and money in the upbringing of children. The new generation of mothers will stand on the stage of consumption and reconstruct the pattern of the children's consumption market. The new generation mother's super-consumption willingness and refined training concept help the children's industry to enter the consumption upgrade stage of demand explosion and structural optimization. The new generation mother's strong willingness to consume determines the high growth potential of the baby's economy.


Modern families pay more attention to parent-child interaction - spending out has become an important way to accompany children

Parents spend more and more time with their children. On the one hand, research shows that parent-child interaction plays a vital role in children ’s growth. On the other hand, parents are more and more aware that the investment in the growth of their children is not just money invested, but more importantly, the time to interact with the children. Through getting along, parents can better understand the child's recent psychological state, observe the child's growth process, and discover problems in the child's growth process in a timely manner, which plays a positive role in the child's growth. Then your fine products and outgoing consumption are mostly large shopping malls, theaters, children's playgrounds, toy markets, Disneyland, etc. Common preschool preparation methods around the mall are outdoor playgroundindoor playgroundkids rope courseindoor trampoline parkfancy kids playground and carousel, etc. It can be seen from this that the business potential of children's formats is huge.

 outdoor playground

From basic consumption to entertainment consumption - a new driving force for growth through education

With the changes of the times and changes in concepts, consumer psychology and habits are quietly changing. In the context of the new era, from consumption content, consumption methods to consumption decisions, children's consumption has entered an era of all-round transformation. At the same time, the baby economic industry chain has also been reconstructed. By analyzing the changing trends of children's consumption, it is helpful for us to find the areas with the most development potential in the future. With the rapid popularization of smart devices, the future development of the electronic toy market, supported by technologies such as the Internet, human-computer interaction, and virtual reality, is huge. At present, domestic companies have begun to transform their traditional toy business into artificial intelligence toys. China is constantly experimenting in the field of electronic smart toys.


Family-style experience consumption - children's consumption leverage effect

The highlight of the so-called family-style experience consumption lies in two aspects. First, the characteristics of children's consumption are that one person's consumption can radiate family consumption. The choice of a child determines the choice of a family, and it is promising to create a combination of family-based consumption. Secondly, different from the way a traditional business is operated in a single retail format, experiential consumption pays more attention to the personal participation, experience, and feeling of consumers, and extends the consumption chain through experience consumption to drive other consumption.


Through the establishment of children ’s play areas and children ’s experience centers in shopping malls, parents can continue to make other purchases after setting up their children, thereby driving other consumption items such as related catering and adult merchandise retailing. Taking children's consumption as a breakthrough, and promoting the sales of related categories through the joint effect of family-style consumption, it will become a new profit point for the children's industry in the future. The experiential format drives potential consumption. At present, children's consumption can no longer be satisfied with a single retail consumption, but presents consumer demands such as children's education, children's professional experience, children's entertainment, children's catering, children's photography, maternal and child services, etc.

Today's children's consumption has begun to change to children's autonomous consumption. As the only children born after the 1990s began to be the generation of young parents, their views changed a lot. They pay more attention to their children's self-awareness and give them more choices. Children have an increasing influence on their parents' purchasing behavior. When children have the autonomy of shopping and consumption, children will choose to purchase corresponding products based on their own interests. Among them, anime has a huge impact on children's consumption due to its unique high permeability. Around the core animated image, multiple rounds of amplification of brand value are realized through consumer products, theme parks and media networks.


From the above five major trends, we can see that in short, we can think that opening a children's playground in a large shopping mall is a "hot spot for investment" and it is not a loss to make a profit. For specific storefronts and online marketing strategies, please refer to the previously published articles.

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