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What should I pay attention to in daily management of indoor playground?

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In order to make customers have a more comfortable experience, in addition to daily operation, the operators of the kids indoor playground must also manage the playground delicately. To improve the reputation of the kids indoor playground and increase customer satisfaction is an important task for the playground to be favored by customers for a long time. The following content describes how to manage the playground delicately. 



Installation of Amusement Facilities in the Playground

The amusement facilities in the playground must be purchased from regular manufacturers to prevent safety problems caused by product quality. The installation of amusement facilities shall be completed by professional personnel, and the quality of installation shall be checked after installation. 

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How to Maintain Amusement Facilities

1. Lamps: Avoid frequent switching of lamps. If there is dust on the surface of lamps, dry cloth shall be used to wipe off the dust, and the aged lamps shall be replaced in time to avoid damage to rectifiers. 


2. Wall: Use activated carbon to prevent the wall from getting damp. The stains on the wall can be gently rubbed off with sandpaper and repainted. The moldy wall surface can be wiped with bleach water and then disinfected. 


3. Ball pit: The manager shall regularly clean up the damaged plastic balls. If there is a stain on the surface of the plastic ball, it can be wiped with a wet cloth, then the garbage at the bottom of the pit can be cleaned up, and finally the whole ball pit can be disinfected.


4. Plastic toys: Plastic toys can not be washed directly in water, but can be cleaned with a cloth dipped with detergent. If there are stains that are difficult to remove, vinegar can be used to clean them. 


5. Wooden toys: Wooden toys are generally not recommended to be washed with water. If the surface of the toy is painted, clean gauze or handkerchief can be used to dip in the detergent to wipe the surface of the wooden toy, and finally dry the toys. 


6. Cloth toys: Managers should pay attention to the washing instructions before washing cloth toys, so as to avoid deformation of toys after cleaning. Washable cloth toys shall be soaked in 1:99 diluted bleach water for 30 minutes before cleaning. Non washable cloth toys shall be cleaned according to their washing instructions.


7. Fire extinguisher: The manager shall regularly check whether the fire extinguisher is expired and replace the expired fire extinguisher in time. The managers should also check whether the fire extinguisher parts are loose, deformed, rusted and damaged.


8. Fire hydrant: The manager shall regularly check whether the fire hydrant and its accessories can be used normally. Check the alarm buttons and indicator lights regularly to ensure their functions are normal. Regularly add lubricating oil to the accessories such as water supply valve.



How to Repair Amusement Facilities

1. Toys: Plastic or alloy toys can be repaired with glue. Plush toys can be repaired with needles and threads. Electronic toys must be repaired by professionals.


Kids playground: Use the original accessories to repair the kids playground, and make sure the new accessories can be used normally before replacing them. 

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