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What is the business strategy for operating an indoor trampoline playground?

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Target the Parent-Child market

Playing trampoline has many benefits for children, such as socializing, health, relaxation ... So, the breakthrough point of seeking change is the child. To be a parent-child market, I hope that parents and children will come to the indoor jump park to play together, so that they can "learn by playing". From the perspective of the industry life cycle, the parent-child industry is more inclined to the "evergreen industry", and the product life cycle fluctuations are small. This feature determines that the parent-child industry is not a "fast food" industry, but a high return on investment Industry.


The two-child policy has further released a huge incremental market, and the prospect of the trampoline center market is also obvious. However, in the broad market of education and training, ensuring stable passenger flow is still a difficult problem. Also, do parents who "emphasize culture and light on sports" agree to let their children play? What are the business strategies for running indoor trampoline play place?


Obviously, for the children and parents who have chosen this sport, they are more concerned about the fun and health factors of this sport, and they have accepted this relatively early sport in China. After all, in order to let children play games and mobile phones less and less, more and more parents begin to let their children choose sports-related health activities. Undoubtedly, trampoline has become the choice of many families.


As for the injuries that some parents worry about, the staff in the kids friendly indoor park said that if they are not proficient in skills, they will indeed cause injuries. In order to ensure the safety of the children, the operator recruited enough coaches for this purpose, and each district will send coaches to stare to avoid accidents.


Promote with Tik Tok and celebrities

In fact, indoor jump park can quickly become popular, in addition to the change of parents' concepts, vibrato and stars have also become important boosters.


The survey found that many people initially learned about the indoor jump place through a variety of entertainment methods such as "Troubled Princess Trampoline", "Eaves Walk", and "Air Bounce" on Tik Tok. The videos on Tik Tok did a lot of free publicity for the trampoline sport. Freshness, fun and fun are the reasons why trampolines fascinate older children on Tik Tok. In addition, there are other recreational facilities such as naughty castles, sponge pools, rock climbing, etc. In addition to the trampoline itself, it also naturally has the effect of weight loss, so many girls are also rushing to this.


Strive to let trampolines enter thousands of households

As a trampoline imported from abroad, it started late. This sports project that has been popular abroad for many years has not been in the Chinese market to develop sports and leisure fields for a long time. Therefore, the trampoline place industry is also facing "dual challenges".


First, there are few sports venues for the Chinese, fewer people participate in the trampoline, and the market awareness of the trampoline is weaker. Second, the trampoline industry chain is facing problems such as homogenization of content, single profit mode, and scattered management. At present, it has not yet formed a large-scale brand effect.


Specifically, in terms of market cultivation, age span, safety issues, hobby cultivation, etc., trampoline sports have encountered one problem after another. In addition, the living environment of domestic physical education itself needs to be improved urgently. This aspect stems from the academic pressure in the eyes of parents, on the other hand, it also stems from the children's addiction to mobile games.


To sum up

At present, this indoor jump place that has swept the world has attracted the participation of many children and young people with its own charm. Although it is difficult to quickly enter thousands of households in a short time, if you are solid in one field, you can also get capital favor, gain market recognition, and live a beautiful and splendid life in a sports industry that is not yet mature.

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