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What can children with autism get in trampoline games?

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Medical research has shown that allowing autistic children to play on recreational rectangle trampolines can help their physical and mental health. Nowadays, indoor children trampoline has become a tool used by many parents and therapists to help autistic children recover. 12 feet trampoline can provide a place for children to be alone, where they can breathe fresh air, exercise and relax. 


Children can have a good time jumping on the spring safety trampoline and play with their friends. Sometimes parents can also see their children interact with their peers and stay focused in the game. Although some autistic children will not make direct contact with other children, they will make eye contact, which helps them recover better. 


Some children usually like to play alone, but when they jump on the safe square trampoline, they don't seem to mind playing with other children. This helps to enhance their muscle strength and body coordination. As their playing time increases, their bodies will get good exercise and help them grow up healthily. 


Nowadays, some kid gravity trampolines designed for children also have many interesting interactive functions. Some children trampolines have cushions printed with color numbers or animal patterns. This allows children to learn some simple knowledge while playing, which increases the fun and creativity. 


Children can also use chalk to draw on the outdoor garden trampoline and share it with their friends. Trampoline can not only stimulate children's imagination, but also improve their blood circulation, improve sleep quality, reduce stress, and increase muscle and bone strength. In addition, it can increase heart endurance, improve body balance and increase exercise awareness.


Using trampoline as a physical therapy tool can help autistic and special children exercise their bodies, increase their self-confidence and social skills, and thus achieve a better quality of life.



How to Use Trampoline Safely?

Although the children can play happily on the trampoline, the most important thing is to ensure the safety of the children. In order to avoid children playing on trampoline injury, you can refer to the following tips.


Place the trampoline in an open environment so that there are no other objects around it, especially sharp objects. 


You need to check the trampoline carefully before you use it every time. If you find that some parts of the trampoline are worn or missing, you need to install new parts immediately. During the installation, ensure that the parts can be safely and reliably connected to the trampoline.


When children are playing on the trampoline, parents should supervise them around the trampoline to avoid accidents. 


When someone is playing on the soft children trampoline, no one or pet is allowed to stay under the trampoline to avoid injury. 


A ladder should be installed at the exit of the trampoline to facilitate children to enter and leave the trampoline safely. 


It is suggested that children play barefoot on the trampolines. Because it can provide good grip and avoid falling. 


Try to let the children play in the middle of the mini children trampoline, because this is the safest area. 


When installing trampoline, make sure it is installed on the level ground to ensure the safety of children. 


Oloplay is a professional manufacturer of amusement equipment. If you want your child to play on the trampoline safely and happily, you can choose our products. 

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