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What aspects should be paid attention to when designing a children's park by the river?

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Located in the Swiss nature reserve of Holstein, Eutin is the most popular tourist destination in the inland area of northern Germany. It is characterized by brick and wood structure buildings, classical buildings and Baroque castles. It is located between two picturesque lakes, namely Großer Eutiner Lake and Kleiner Eutiner Lake. Despite its superior location, apart from the historic Schlossgarten, the urban areas on the lakeshore have little success in terms of design or entertainment quality. There is no real sports or entertainment opportunities for families and young people. Citizens expressed their desire to improve the use of water resources in coastal areas and create new outside playground for recreation.



As a contrast with Schlossgarten, Seepark has developed into an entertaining landscape, providing a variety of activity spaces for families, children and adolescents, and alleviating the overuse of Schlossgarten. In addition to the open relaxation area, it offers many outdoor activities, workshops for children and adolescents, and design the games and sports venues. There are sunbathing areas on the beach, as well as beach volleyball and streetball venues. There are places for picnic and barbecue all over the park.


The themes of lakes and forests are embodied in a multi-level, challenging children-oriented game world. The outdoor park equipment is designed for outdoor play. Mesh tunnels stretch like fishnets, covering the plastic surface of the model, the rope adventure can provide climbing area for children. Climbing can test their balance and flexibility.


New park axis with reference to the historic lindenallee Schlossgarten also serves as a path and visual axis into the lake. For example wooden docks are widened at their ends to form seating platforms, and directly create attractive new entertainment opportunities on the water, from which people can see lakes, stadiums and castles. The water is now an integral part of the park.


In addition, it helps to protect the surrounding coastal areas and reed populations. Despite a lot of clean-up work to create the park axis and vast recreational grassland, the alder swamp forest along the northern coast of the park has also been ecologically restored.


South Bank Park

The wide area of the South Bank Park is at the east entrance of the city, which creates an entrance to the park and open space and provides a transition to the surrounding agricultural land. The apple grove shows the gardening in the suburb of Eutin. The trees on the slopes leading to the lake have been preserved and integrated into the natural lakeshore area. Three steps and an adjacent ramp lead to the lake. The large garden ends at a wooden pier. There are 24 parking spaces on the street side of the park, strengthening the tourism infrastructure in the area.



In a word, the design presents a new and open contemporary cultural landscape. The visual axis of the landscape garden, combined with the lake, serves as the overall design principle. The city and the lake form the basis for experiencing the play place beyond the Schlossgarten River, emphasizing the unique sense of space at the location and strengthening the outline of the city from the inside out. The low-key design of grassland landscape creates a urban development framework and provides an attractive environment for the development of planning.

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