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What are the wrong ways to play slide in kindergarten?

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We can see many kinds of kid's slides in kindergartens. It is very dangerous for children to play swings and slides incorrectly. What are the wrong ways to play slides in kindergartens? What are the precautions for children to play slides?


What are the wrong ways to play the kindergarten slides?

1. When playing on the plastic slide playset, some children slide their body backwards, or slide their chest against the slide. This will easily cause friction between the face and the ground when you reach the end point, causing damage to your face and disfigurement in severe cases.

2. If your baby use both knees to kneel and slide down, their knees and the this children’s plastic slide set will both cause severe friction. When their knees cannot bear it, it is easy to fall in the middle of the slide, or even directly fall to the ground.

3. Some children will crawl from below to above the stair slide for kids. In fact, while crawling below, there may be children playing on the slide. When they slide down from a certain height, they maybe cause a collision. This is a very dangerous behavior.


What are the precautions for children playing on the slide?

1. When playing kid's slide set in kindergarten, don't let children jump on the slides, slide down backwards, or do other dangerous actions.

2. If there is a sudden breakdown of the children's slide, the teachers need to deal with it calmly. Don't panic and worry, you should protect the children's safety firstly, and report for doctors in time.

3. Before playing the kindergarten slide, the school staff should carefully read the instructions in advance to check whether the plastic slide for kids has the necessary safety and rescue equipment, and let the children pay attention to safety during the play.

4. And it is necessary to choose the suitable height of the kid's wooden or plastic slide according to the child's own situation. If a child suffers from a fear of heights, it is better to avoid letting such children come into contact with the slide. We should ensure the safety of all children.

5. Last but not least, when the child is happily playing on the kid's slide and swing, parents and teachers must pay attention to their situation in the game. Even if the baby is not paying attention for a moment, they may be in danger, such as stepping on the air when going up the ladder, The body leans down while sliding, etc. Therefore, parents and teachers need to protect them in time to ensure the safety of the baby.


The above is the relevant introduction about the kindergarten slides. The body sliding backwards, kneeling down and some other behaviors are all wrong ways of playing. The teachers should stop these wrong behaviors in time and teach the babies correctly. We are a professional manufacturer of various slides. In order to protect the safety of babies better, we have organized a team to continuously test and improve our products. If you need it, please kindly contact us.

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