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Water playground: water balloon + trampoline = fun!

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Water ballon piñata

Whenever you buy a new product, you can ask yourself "What can we get from it?" or "How can we use it in events or crafts." So the idea of FUN water balloon Piñata activity was born. With this activity, you can play it in bounce trampoline park and gravity trampoline park.


With the activity, all you need:

l A clothesline (we used the Slide n Dry which made it so easy to slip each balloon into place)

l Some regular balloons

l Water to fill them

l Sharp tool to pop them – we used a sharp pencil but a kitchen skewer would’ve been perfect…if we had any in the house lol.


This activity is perfect for pool parties, or you can make the kids really excited by injecting mucus or flour into the balloon. In this process, you can use some kids outdoor playset and kids outdoor play equipment. In the outdoor playground, do not use cheap swing sets, because its quality may not good and it will cause danger to your kids.


DIY Water Blob – Giant Sensory Water Bubble!

In this activity, what you’ll need –

l A flat section of grass or decking close to a hose (It will NEED to be level or your Blob will just roll down the hill…trust me!!)

l Scissors

l Duct tape

l Baking paper

l Hair Straigtener (if you don’t own one you could follow the directions for an iron found here).

l Clear plastic sheeting*


First, I fold the plastic in half into a 2 x 2 meter square. Then, I fold a piece of baking paper in half to half the length (about 80 cm in length). I put the folded paper at the junction of the plastic fold.


Then, I clip the heated hair straightener to the folded paper, and then gradually move it along the folded paper as shown in the picture. ***Warning*** Where you seal the plastic, the plastic will be very hot-wait for about 20 seconds to cool before moving the paper to the next section. You should be able to clearly see where the plastic melted (as shown in the picture).


I continue to work around the plastic joint until you reach the last corner, you will need to leave a 3cm hole to feed the hose into the plastic bag. After finishing, I did a thorough inspection of the plastic to see if there were any holes – I found a small hole in one part, so I cut some tape to fit it properly on the hole (it held it firmly , Never miss that point). Last, we can filli up our giant ‘Water Blob’. And finally, you can enjoy your fruits of labor. You can play it in your kids’ outdoor play castle or outdoor play gym


With the outdoor play equipment, you will enjoy more fun.

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