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Summer maintenance tips for school playground equipment

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The kids playground in school will not be used too much in summer, which makes it a good time for maintenance and repairs. Summer maintenance helps to ensure that the playground is as safe as possible and keeps in good condition for the next school year.


Do security check

Take some time to conduct a full inspection of the school outdoor playground equipment, or have a professional inspector conduct an inspection. Look for any broken, loose or worn equipment parts. You should also look for whether there is any rubbish or debris on or around the outside playground equipment that may pose a danger to children. Make a note of the parts that need to be repaired so that you can complete these repairs before the start of the next school year. Inspections can also help you discover potential problems with playground equipment that may arise during the school year.


Schedule maintenance in time

Even a small break with preschool outdoor equipment can become a big problem, which may put children at risk while they are playing. Regardless of whether you have a broken swing or some severely worn or loose parts, arrange for repairs in the summer when there are not so many children.


Check for damage after the storm

When severe summer storms come, it may leave behind potentially harmful debris such as large branches. You may also notice damage to outdoor adventure play equipment caused by hail or wind-blown debris. Remove all debris that has fallen on or near the device and repair the damage.


Check fences and benches

If there are fences and benches or other seats around a preschool outdoor playground, don't forget to check their condition. The fence may be partially damaged or bent ,so it is in need of repair. It is also possible that benches and other seats need some fixing devices due to aging and other reasons. For example, wooden benches may need to be sanded to remove the possibility of injury to children.


Eliminate the danger of tripping

Check for potential trip hazards around the kids outdoor playgrounds, such as large rocks or tree roots. These hazards should be removed to reduce the risk of falls.


Check the paving materials of the school playground

The paving materials of the school preschool outdoor play structures should be in good condition, which helps reduce the risk of serious injuries such as head trauma or fractures. If the child falls or trips, this material should provide adequate cushioning to minimize injury. If any part of the surface material is worn or uneven, they should be tilted, repaired or replaced. Loosely filled surfaces, such as wood fiber or rubber coverings, will compress over time and may need to be filled with additional material.


Eliminate pests

In summer, bees, wasps and other pests may build nests on children's outdoor playground equipment. Pest control professionals remove these nests, so children can play safely. Some local beekeepers may be willing to remove the nest for free to help protect the bee population.


Spending time in this summer on the school playground for maintenance and repairs is a great way to ensure regular use in the new school year. If you have old equipment that needs to be replaced, please contact us for more information. We provide customized commercial outdoor playgrounds.

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