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Suggestions for choosing an ideal theme for your community playground

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In today’s word full of electronic entertainment products, it’s getting more difficult to entice children to engage in outdoor physical activity. Creating a new community playground is not a difficult thing, the real challenge is how do we engage kids and their parents?


There are kid’s slide, childrens swing set and other climbing playground equipment in the traditional play space. But creating a community playground which is attractive to children needs more creativity. Choosing an ideal theme for the playground and designing it around a specific theme will engage children and their families.


As mentioned above, choosing a theme for the kids outdoor playground will engage kids of all ages. In addition, the themed outdoor playhouses in communities are budget-friendly entertainment. It’s expensive to take time to go to amusement parks, visit a museum and take a short ship for many families, but the kids backyard playground in a community will solve these problems exactly. It’s easier to plan an hour at this playground after school and it is more money-saving than other entertainment.


Now that a themed community playground has such benefits, what kind of theme should you choose? Creating a themed playground doesn’t cost much. Choose one of these theme and the next step will be easier.


1. Nature and Adventure

Nowadays, it’s difficult for children to get in touch with nature really. Since kids playground is outside, considering designing one that incorporates nature and adventure is reasonable. In order to fits well into community park or natural area, you’d better choose the wood-grain panels and leafy rooftops. Make great options on outdoor adventure play equipment. Don’t forget to add some childrens climbing equipment which allow children to work on large muscle coordination into the play space.


2. Ship

Ship-themed playground is always the kids’ favorite. Children of all ages keep imagining themselves sailing on the sea. You can choose a ship’s anchor panels which is in red or blue or other assorted accessories such as a ship mast, a ship cabin window pane and so on. When children play in the outdoor plays-capes, they will enjoy spending hours taking adventures and navigating the high seas.


3. Cartoon

Children would never say no to a cartoon-themed playground. Creating a cartoon-themed playground is not a complicate thing either. Choose some popular cartoon characters and put the sculpted figures in the playground. Let these characters accompany the children and imagine that how happy they are when they play in this themed playground with their favorite cartoon characters. In addition to the characters’ sculpted figure, consider incorporating castles, carriage ,magic carpet and other characteristic props.


A themed playground allow communities to create a safe and secure play space that will delight kids of all ages. When you decide to design a playground, choosing a theme may be a great place to start. But after that, there still much to be done. If you want to learn more about how to choose a theme for your community, you can find more information on our website.

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