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Outdoor gym fitness exercise equipment OL-JS1501

  1. Size: 212*65*200cm
  2. Packing volume: 1.5CBM
  • OL-JS1501
  • OULE

儿童滑梯 Product Overiew

Description Outdoor gym fitness exercise equipment OL-JS1501
Model No. OL-JS1501
Size 212*65*200cm
Color can be customized
Material Diameter 114mm galvanized steel pipe,surface  painted with powder coating. Screws are made by  stainless steel.
Function Make the body more healthy and strong.Develop the upper limb, chest and back muscles.Improve the flexibility of shoulder,elbows,legs ect.relaxing muscles and stimulating blood circulation.
Advantage Provide high quality products at competitive price, with excellent service.
Package Standard export pakage.cotton inside,PP film outside.
Usage scope Park, Residential area , School, Garden,Amusement park, Community, Commercial center and other public places.
Certification ISO,CE,GS,TUV,SGS
Attention Keep your exercise slowly.The patients must ask the doctors for permission before using it. If feel any sick when training, you should stop immediately and consult with the doctors.The patients and children should be accompanied when using it.
Delivery time 7-15days

儿童滑梯 Different Solutions

Outdoor fitness equipment, Designed for Everyone: Teenagers, adults, older users and people with reduced mobility. Beginners, experienced or exper sportsmen and wormen.

The Outdoor Fitness System is a smart choice for exercise, whether in the park, near the playground, next to the ball field or at a senior living community. Targeting muscle strength, cardiovascular health, balance and flexibility etc

Outdoor fitness

custom playground builder

As custom playground builder, Oule has been deeply devoted to the development and construction of custom artistic playground equipment for many years. We have a professional team for custom playground design and are expected to create unique-looking structure as well as fantastic parent-child play space.

Preschool playground games or activities can not only make children healthier and have a stronger body, but also encourage important developmental and social skills, which will eventually help children become thinkers, leaders and collaborators. 

Preschool playground games

Community playgrounds

Community playgrounds provide children with opportunities to practice key skills such as social, emotional, cognitive, and physical. They can meet and interact with old or new friends. The increasing interaction with children of various backgrounds and abilities makes children more open to the world.

For parents and children, the diversified indoor playgrounds for kids can keep children from indulging in mobile phones or computers. Playing in indoor park can improve children’s physical fitness and social skills, and encourage them to challenge themselves.

indoor playgrounds for kids

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儿童滑梯 Applications

Theme parkTheme park

Amusement park

Amusement park

Scenic area

Scenic area

Resort hotel

Resort hotel

Ecological park

Ecological park

Residential communities

Residential communities



One-stop solution for amusement equipment

We have years of experience in traditional B2B business services. We provide amusement equipment for various occasions like Pre-school, amusement park, garden, shopping mall or public places.

  • Style development:  
    Personalized product design.

  • Exclusive brand commissioner service

    We have professional service personnel for brand operation post, providing one-to-one escort for you! Please contact us for details.

  • Delivery time & Quality 

    We satisfy the delivery time requirements from customers

Our Brand

Our Brand 

OULE analyzed the physical and mental development characteristics of kindergarten children and expected a“joyful, creative and childlike”brand image.

Core Value


Orientation, Continuous Improvement , Technology Inheritance, Return On Contribution, Craftsmanship

Customized Services


Providing full cooperation to realize your design and creativity

Maintenance Services


Regular maintenance work is important for equipments, contact us at anytime to help you take good care of your playground. 

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Quality Control

Quality Control

The professional QC team is in charge of the workshop director, and strictly controls the quality of each production link from production to packaging.



1. Customer entrusted negotiation 

2. Project negotiation 
3. Sign a cooperation contract

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Quality must meet customer requirements. We will never choose suppliers who use inferior materials...... 

Design R&D Service

Design R&D Service

1. Confirm customer needs 

2. Preliminary research. Analysis of trends and competing products. 
3. Analyze historical best-selling and slow-moving models together with the Commodity Department


Q1: Can you make a design according to my area?
A1: Yes, of course, as long as you tell me your design requirement and then we can make it.

Q2: How long for production and shipping?
A2: The production time is according to your order quantity, normally it takes around 7-15days after received the deposit. The shipping time is according to your nearest shipping port, like Bangkok in Thailand, just 8days via sea.

Q3: Do you have any guide to install it?
A3: Yes, we can afford you CAD plan and detailed installation instrcution for fixing.

Q4: How can I pay for it?
A4: Pay by T/T (Wire Transfer), Western Union or MoneyGram, PayPal, Credit Card. 30%-50% deposit, balance after finishing production, before shipment.

Q5: Is there special requirements for the floor ?
A5: there is no special requirements, we can make the playground according the floor conditions.

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