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Oule-a supplier that maximizes and optimizes your playground budget

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As a designer of amusement programs, when considering building a new amusement park for a school, church or youth center, the first question to ask is "what is the cost of the new playground?" How to build a most cost-effective amusement space at the lowest cost is a problem that all designers will consider. High-quality commercial playground equipment that is designed to withstand decades of use and environmental conditions can cost between $15,000 and $40,000.


Many customers of Oloplay will consider these questions, many customers ask:how can I get the most out of my playground budget? This is always a good question to ask to ensure you're providing the maximum amount of play and play value within your means.


After years of practice, Oloplay summed up three solutions for low-cost amusement parks.


Select Play Systems with a Smaller Footprint

Many play systems use large deck platforms to provide maximum capacity in high use areas like city parks. This kind of space choice problem leads to a lot of space waste. Not everyone needs a playground structure of that scale. Smaller, but no less durable, easy installation, durable steel and plastic construction for long-term use, and an extensive collection of play components that provide a wide range of cognitive and developmental benefits for children of all ages. Small Oloplay system also utilizes a 36” deck platform that reduces the overall footprint of system designs, resulting in less surfacing required for your play area and a lower overall cost.


Use a Combination of Safety Surfaces

Poured-in-place rubber surfacing or tiles Although the maintenance cost can be minimized, the installation cost is high, which is not a cost-effective choice. Therefore, engineered wood fiber (EWF) is a popular choice for projects with initial budget constraints. EWF mulch is composed of wood that’s been ground to a fibrous consistency and is sometimes manufactured to be “knit” together in order to form the surface that you see on the playground. EWF is considered a “loose fill” playground surface, even though it can be knitted together. EWF is also known as “engineered wood chips“. EWF provides superior fall attenuation at the lowest installation cost and offers an attractive, natural look. Use a combination of surfacing types to ensure accessibility to and throughout the play area and to lower overall surfacing costs. 


Consider Freestanding Play

For some small communities, instead of a single large play system, consider a smaller play structure and using freestanding play throughout your play area to create fun, interactive activities that encourage imaginative and dramatic play, physical activity or social/cooperative interaction. For example, a single swing, slide is a good choice.


Oloplay, a reliable entertainment solution provider


With the faith of focusing on the field of recreation, Mina has a very competitive strength, and can provide customers with accurate service and high-quality products. The best strategy for maximizing your playground budget is to work with a play expert who will take time to get to know your needs, Oloplay is a perfect choice!

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