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OULE's various solutions for customer scenarios

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Artistic Playground

All over the world, which incorporate creative design into playground equipment to create diversified and personalized play parks. Compared to traditional playgrounds, they are like eye-catching works of arts as the creator puts his/her concept and ideas into the design and construction. Creativty or inspiration is the core of artistic playgrounds,  and the uniqueness differentiates them from others. 

Apart from the physical benifits of playgrounds, artist playgrounds inspire children’s imagination and creativity greatly, and satisfy their curiosity while playing. A successful artistic playground will become a landmark building in the area, which will attracts parents and children to enjoy great time there. Liben Group, as custom playground builder,  has been deeply devoted to the development and construction of custom artistic playground equipment for many years. We have a professional team for custom playground design and are expected to create unique-looking structure as well as fantastic parent-child play space. 

Growth Climbing Structure

As we all know, children love climbing, just like it’s a human nature to challenge ourselves. Based on traditional playground climbing structures, growth climbing structures integrate interactive elements and creative design to make the climbing more challenging and bring fantastic play experience.  They can be put into commercial park, community playground, and schools for children outdoor play. And it's a good idea to combine climbing structure with slides, kids love slides. 

Kids climbing structure requires children to mobilize the various parts of the body to coordinate the operation, and requires the comprehensive cooperation of the hands, feet, eyes and body. By mastering the skills of climbing, children can have better coordination, flexible skills and more agile reactions, which can promote children's healthy growth and development while having great fun. Growth climbing structures are more conducive to the cultivation of children's self-confidence and the courage to challenge themselves. The interactive element in the outdoor climbing structure encourages children to improve their skills through constant exercises or competing with friends. 

Preschool Playground

Preschool playground, as the name suggest, refers to the playground equipment designed and produced for the characteristics of preschool children, who are in a stage of rapid development of cognitive and social abilities; The design of preschool playgrounds not only requires educational playground ideas for preschool kids, but also highly emphasizes the safety as preschool children have relatively weak awareness of danger. Liben,  as supplier of preschool playground equipment,  takes safety as the top priority in the whole procedure like design, production and installation, etc. We're dedicated to create ideal playground for preschool. 


Preschool playground games or activities can not only make children healthier and have a stronger body, but also encourage important developmental and social skills, which will eventually help children become thinkers, leaders and collaborators. When children play, they will learn perseverance, patience, coping skills, sharing with others, empathy and thoughts and ideas expression. 

Community Playground

In many high-rise cities, children's play space is limited, thus children cannot play freely. In the city, the community is often the most important place for children to go beyond school. Community playground refers to the playground equipment suitable for being placed in urban communities and parks to create a play space “at the door of the home” for children.A playground in a local community consists of one or two playsets and some freestanding equipment like swings, seesaws, spring riders, climbers, etc.  Building a community playground is bringing happiness to children around. 

Many developed countries have incorporated "child-friendly" concepts in the community environment and public service facilities, aiming to form a friendly urban space, so that all children can play and learn safely and conveniently anytime, anywhere. Community playgrounds provide children with opportunities to practice key skills such as social, emotional, cognitive, and physical. They can meet and interact with old or new friends. The increasing interaction with children of various backgrounds and abilities makes children more open to the world and have the opportunity to establish new interpersonal relationship. Liben community playground equipment take "child friendly" as the core, understand the real needs of children, and create safe, fun and social spaces according to the characteristics of children's growth and development.

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