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How to use water in your play and entertainment space?

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There's nothing better than letting the kids have fun in the pool on a hot summer day. However, with public pools overcrowded and the cost of turning on the jets every day to fill up your pool, many parents are looking for alternatives. So, what else is available? Water playground!


Here are four ways to incorporate water into your play and entertainment space, turning your community into a family-friendly interactive place for children to splash and play.


1. Splash pad and splash floor

The splash pad can be easily added to any community as a fountain. The whole family can have water play in it and as they have no still water, it is cleaner and safer. The splash pad and the zero-depth entry of the sprayer provide the conditions for the children to fire the water cannon. They can have fun with bucket dumps in the splash pad playground. You can also choose a theme for your splash pad and set up the main item, such as a playground slide for the pool, and then use some other materials to assist in completing the whole theme.



2.Kid’s water playground

If interested in something more advanced than just a basic splash pad or splash pad rubber surfacing, a water park playground is your best bet. You can combine water slides, playgrounds with splash pads, and other aquatic park playground equipment with multiple areas for the kids to play. These playgrounds will keep the kids so excited for hours that they won't have time to think about anything else.



3. Horn blowing and reverb

If you don't want to spend too much money, horns, smokers, and sprays are a more budget-friendly way to go. These items are often popular with younger children and are great choices for creating an indoor water playground. By playing in the water with bubbles, fogs, or jumping out of the ground, children can not only cool down but also relax themselves. In this case, parents can also get a moment of peace and relaxation for themselves.



4. Fountain

Fountains provide good conditions for children to jump over the water and get as wet as they want, and their use is similar to the function of water jets. The difference is that fountains attract the children's attention more and can be used in entertainment areas where there is a high level of congregation, such as city centers and town squares. You can also use colored lighting or have them change to music, which will enhance the level and sophistication of the fountain.


Besides these, there are many ways to tie water into your commercial playground, public green space, or other outdoor recreational space. You can take your time to explore and discover.

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