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How to use games to alleviate the psychological barrier caused by COVLD-19

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A study has shown that the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic has a profound impact on our collective emotional state. Experts warn that billions of people are currently a struggling to cope with issues such as living in isolation and increasing anxiety. The COVID-19 pandemic is likely to have a serious and universal impact on global mental health.


Play Games

There are many ways to treat depression, anxiety and interpersonal disputes. Injecting emotion into the game is an excellent medicine to ease this negative emotion. For many people, games may be the key to getting along and having a good time. When you concentrate on outdoor sports, you find it can help you forget some unpleasant things. Frequent outdoor sports can make your personality more cheerful. Outdoor sports include running, climbing, rock climbing, etc. In addition, the entire family can also go to the amusement park together. Outdoor entertainment projects and various play equipment include swing set with slide, outdoor play tunnel, rope climbing park, etc.


Families can participate in ropes challenge course together, which helps to unite and overcome difficulties. The whole family can also do a low-difficulty treetop adventure zipline together, which helps family members relieve stress and cope with challenges.


For families with children, playing in the fun indoor playground is the first choice. Indoor playgrounds will be equipped with hand sanitizer stations, where you can also do a good job of protection. Indoor amusement items include baby swing setbounce house play areaindoor adventure playground and indoor gyms for kids.


Communicate with Others

Due to the new coronavirus, we are all dealing with unprecedented uncertainty and major changes in lifestyle. Polls show that these changes have had a serious impact on our mental health. The outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and subsequent lockdown measures have increased anxiety among billions of people around the world. In times of epidemics, we often feel isolated and helpless. At this time, you can communicate with friends more, encourage each other, communicate emotions, and enhance mutual psychological support. If you have some negative emotions, after communicating with others, you will feel a sense of relief in your heart and your mood will become more comfortable.


Psychological Counseling

True health includes physical health, mental health and adaptation to the social environment. During the epidemic, we should not have excessive anxiety or panic. Some become extremely sensitive when faced with information that cannot be distinguished between true and false on social media. They are prone to irritability, tantrums, and even impulsive behaviors because of small things.


Panic originally has social adaptation meaning, because panic means being alert to danger. But excessive panic is destructive and seriously affects people's mentality and life. If you find that your family members or friends are prone to excessive panic, it is best to communicate with them to resolve this mental disorder. If you are powerless in this regard, why not seek help from a professional doctor? Professional psychologists will help us alleviate this panic in a timely manner, allowing us to treat the impact of COVID-19 in a scientific manner.

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