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How to shorten children's mobile game time?

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There are many changes in the childhood of children today and before. According to research, compared with 2011, American children spend 10 times longer on screen each day. While having more knowledge, the children also lost a lot of life experience. Some American educators believe that children should be connected with nature, hoping to provide more outdoor education for children, spending much time on playing at play gyms for toddlers is also a good way. But what exactly does outdoor education mean? How to recognize this kind of education?


In the eyes of Chinese parents and children, the dream childhood may only be enjoyed by American children, without endless training courses and endless homework, and can play in nature every day. However, Conor Williams pointed out in an article in the Atlantic Monthly that in the United States where public education standards are becoming more sophisticated, such outdoor learning is also extremely atypical.


The "invasion" of technology is everywhere. Most of the time, Americans stay indoors, spending most of their family time on screen. Research data shows that compared with 2011, American children faced with electronic screens 10 times longer each day. To some extent, using smart phones for a long time has caused teenagers to lose many life experiences that they should have. Travel less with friends, seldom date, lack sleep, and easily feel lonely...


Some teachers are also questioning: "Why is a 4-year-old child spending most of the day playing outdoors strangely?" "When is it stipulated that children must sit in the classroom and learn boringly?"


As a result, an educational action that allows childhood and nature to meet again is sprouting and developing in the United States. At the Irvine Nature Center in Owings Mills, Maryland, dozens of 3 to 5 year old children play, explore, and learn on more than 200 acres of woodland, wetlands, and grassland. Nature kindergarten, outdoor school, forest kindergarten, kid’s indoor recent years, this type of early education program is being carried out in communities across the United States, and since 2012, the number of such nature-based preschools in the United States has increased by at least 5 times.


Louv and other advocates have proposed outdoor learning in early childhood education as a solution to a series of parenting challenges. These advocates believe that a child with an anxiety disorder does not necessarily need medication; a child who can’t concentrate does not need a computer program to reshape her development; and a person who strives to keep his body unnecessary does not need to participate in a summer camp to build muscle; a lonely kid doesn’t need to go to indoor mall playground to make friends. Instead, they need more time outdoors. Give young children the opportunity to play free, unorganized games in nature for hours, and their growth will be as vibrant as all other creatures.


When exploring and entering a complex natural environment, children can learn creativity and conceive their own new world; freed from the children indoor playground fence that protects them and restricts them, children will discover their strength, cultivate self-confidence, and learn to solve some problems within their ability when they stumble, fall or get injured. Research shows that this freedom can help children learn to focus on development, free space and time.


In fact, from a certain perspective, outdoor education is in line with educational trends. We need more fancy kid’s playgrounds for them to spend time with nature. The core concept of many advanced education models is that adults give children time, space, and proper rights, which is the best way to let children grow up.

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