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How to rely on children's playground to promote family consumption?

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At present, with the rapid development of economy, the children's amusement industry is developing rapidly. Various kinds of children's amusement products emerge in endlessly in the market. Indoor playgroundsindoor trampoline parks, doll machines and so on are accompanied by the rise of the whole children's amusement industry. How does the children playgrounds drive the consumption of the whole family?


Children's Amusement Industry Emerge in Endlessly

From doll machines to the indoor playgrounds in large shopping malls, in recent years, businesses have spared no effort in children's consumption. There are various children's amusement programs, such as fishing, indoor trampoline place, racing, ninja obstacle course, space sand and other projects are all available. Even on working days, many parents will accompany their children to play various games.


It has been observed that almost every major shopping mall and supermarket has several consumer areas dedicated to children, covering children's retail, children's entertainment, children's catering, theme parks, and children's services. Industry insiders pointed out that the interconnection of children's consumer industry chain is more and more in commercial complexes and shopping malls, and its proportion in the complex experience format has increased from the original 5% to about 15%.


From Retail Oriented to Entertainment Education

At the same time, the children's business formats in shopping malls is expanding from the children's retail in the past to education, entertainment, catering, photography and other business fields, and the types are becoming more diversified. Taking the Enyutang Education Organization as an example, the person in charge said that it has been developing children's industry for 10 years. Now it has 7 branches and tens of thousands of members. In the future, it will also take the shopping center as the first choice to open stores, which has greatly improved its membership, traffic and popularity. In addition, the upgrading of children's entertainment industry is often accompanied by the upgrading of commercial complex.


Normalization of High Level Consumption

It is understood that the annual operating cost of Wanda Baby King is more than 10 million yuan. Therefore, the high level consumption is born under high cost. The shopping mall grasps the psychology that parents are willing to pay everything for their children, and turns the children's supporting facilities into a professional and main business. So high-level consumption in the children's industry is the norm.


Children Playgrounds Drive Family Consumption

With the improvement of living standards, child-oriented consumption patterns can often bring the effect of family consumption to the store. It is understood that more and more children's entertainment projects are no longer limited to the traditional model of parents watching and children playing, but guiding parents to participate together to achieve parent-child interaction. It can not only improve the safety of children while reducing labor costs, but also increase the income of parental consumption.


With the influence of consumption concept and family structure, a family can have 6 parents to pay for their children's consumption. Children's economy has a strong cohesive force, which will bring more consumption power. In the form of indoor play center in the shopping center, 20% of the income comes from the consumption accompanied by parents.

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