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How to play climbing net to ensure safety?

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Nowadays, many outdoor parks for toddlers and kid's playgrounds have climbing nets. Many children like climbing, but if they don't play correctly, they are easy to get hurt. So how to play the climbing net safely? What are the precautions?


How to play the climbing net correctly?

Climbing requires a child to mobilize all parts of the body to coordinate operation, and requires the comprehensive cooperation of hands, feet, eyes and body. By mastering the skills of climbing the game structure, children can better coordinate their bodies, promote their healthy growth and development, and they can also get great fun from it. Investigations and studies have shown that climbing structures playground can not only exercise the children's body, make them healthy, but also exercise their brains and make the brains more flexible.


warm up exercises

Any outdoor exercise generally requires warm-up exercises. When climbing the net climbing structure, we can do a simple warm-up exercise. After warming up, there are certain requirements for your balance and physical strength.


Climbing posture

After doing the warm-up exercise, we will start to climb. The first thing to note is that the body faces the climbing structure. You can also try to practice your sense of balance first under the climbing net. This also makes adequate preparations for your physical agility. Remember not to climb up on your knees, as that will not help you exercise your body and mind but will be easy to get injured.


Interact with peers

In fact, everyone knows that people who go to parks or recreational places to play structure climbing walls are often not alone, and they are likely to go with their parents or friends. So in the process of climbing, how do you help your companions correctly? Perhaps most people stretch their hands backwards, but that is wrong. Because that could easily destabilize the center of gravity and cause damage.


Be careful

After all, the distance to climb the rope climbing structure is limited. If you use the correct method, you will not only get to the top, but also exercise your body. Entertainment is not only for fun but also increases interpersonal relationships and exercises yourself. A useful way is to pay attention to safety after reaching the top, holding the safety rope or safety wood in your hand, and remember not to slapstick or play jokingly.


Precautions for playing climbing nets

1. Don't play with your companions during the climbing process to avoid accidents.

2. Try not to carry sharp objects or hard objects when climbing, so as not to scratch yourself and others.

3. In order to facilitate activities, it is better to wear sportswear before entering the rope climbing structure playground.


In the past, children's rope climbing adventure park amusement equipment was relatively rare, and most of them were built in kid’s outdoor playground. However, in recent years, with the rise of children's amusement equipment, many businesses have moved the amusement equipment of children's rope net adventure park to indoor places such as large shopping malls.This not only makes enterprises make a lot of money, but also brings super high passenger flow to shopping centers, which further drives consumption.

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