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How to maximize the value of community parks | Scene construction of outdoor amusement facilities

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In modern life, people are increasingly pursuing a comfortable life, and public health and child safety are becoming more and more important. As children’s off-campus play areas in urban communities have gradually decreased, safe outdoor playground in residential communities have become more and more important.


1. Residential Playground Area Considerations

With the increasing urban floating population, rising per capita housing area, and housing marketization and monetization, it is not scientific and reasonable that the kids outdoor play area is determined proportionally from the total number of residents in the community due to the uncertainty of the community occupancy rate and the composition of the owner’s family. The design process is as follows.


1) Site Function Planning

According to the general plan of the project building plan, combined with the actual situation of the local completion record and acceptance, we can determine whether the outdoor play equipment is deployed, the area ratio of the equipment and non-equipment area, and the principle of amusement equipment placement.


2) Define Amusement Facilities Categories

In the actual delivery and use of the equipment in the outdoor play area, we summarized and found that outdoor swing sets, seesaws, high and low age combined slides, rocking horses and drill tubes are widely welcomed by kids and become essential options. At the same time, for projects with high product positioning, such as interactive, percussion music, hydrodynamic, novel and exciting, and creative customization kids play equipment, we can also choose 1-2 as the highlight of project delivery. 

2. Location Considerations

On the premise of meeting the fire protection regulations, the space can be arranged in combination with the theme of children and sports. Reasonably plan the line of action and the relationship between indoor and outdoor sight lines. The unfavorable space for planting, such as the fire turning lane and return yard, can be used as a small space for amusement without equipment. We should try to stay away from security risk areas such as community opening and closing stations, substations, gas pressure regulating stations, ventilation shafts, and shady fences. Fixed or mobile seats are arranged around the outdoor playground for kids to facilitate parental care.


3. Design

Multiple color schemes combined with color samples are fully compared to choose the suitable one. Color sample sealing, color number calibration and final presentation effect should be presented. And we can add a small area of different color to the frequently worn locations such as the slide entrance and the garden swing set around to facilitate the later replacement and maintenance.


4. Selection of Material and Process

High-quality residential outdoor playground is often regarded as one of the core highlights of the park delivery. Its quality presentation effect comes from the comprehensive management of the design and construction of the finished surface flatness, drainage effect, particle color combination, the harmony of the equipment and the surrounding environment, and the anti-yellowing property of glue.



The small residential kid outside playground is the starting point of new life, the epitome of countless happy families, and it also carries the beautiful sustenance of product practitioners. Oloplay is a professional company that provides beautiful, of good quality and resistant outdoor playground for kids. If you are interested, please contact us.

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