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How to integrate role playing into children's indoor playground?

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As we all know, a children's playground is a place for children to play and entertain. There are all kinds of games and amusement equipment. The shape of the children's playground is novel and dexterous, which is composed of columns and square houses.


Cosplay games, anime and animated characters

In the amusement park, children can wear cosplay game clothes to perform role-playing based on different theme scenes and IP anime characters. We can take this roaming city store as an example. By setting multiple theme scenes, it cleverly applies costumes to the scene story experience. In the field of game equipment, it opened a platform to showcase its innovative application examples.


In the fantasy castle-themed scene, children can wear costumes of Disney Princess, Disney Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Snow White and other series. In the realistic scene, they can perform the princess in many popular Disney movies Character, experience the fun brought by cross-dressing. In the universe-space-themed scene, children can choose costumes such as Toy Story, Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Adventure, and cosplay Disney superheroes to participate in the story interpretation. In the theme scene of the Forest Secret, there are classic works such as Disney Winnie the Pooh and Disney Crazy Animal City. After wearing the experience costumes, the children "transformed" into cute images such as the rabbit Judy and the little fox Nick, follow the story line Into a situational challenge. In addition, there are some classic anime characters like Sun Wukong, Nezha, Xiongda and Xiong'er, and Peppa Pig that some children like. Cross-dressing role tasks can guide children to participate in situational interactive games. Children can overcome difficulties and improve themselves according to prompts. By completing educational role games, other recreational items are given to children as rewards. Children have fun, and let them realize the sense of accomplishment of "play to gain", to achieve an advanced mode of true education.


The children’s format has a positive popularity gathering and crowd-pulling effect on large-scale commercial projects, and is becoming the standard for the theme commercial projects. Children's consumption desires, consumption expenditures, and frequency of consumption have great potential. In reality and in potential, the children's consumption market is a trillion-level supermarket. It is precisely because of the rapid development of children's consumption that operators have gradually realized the value of the children's market and have paid attention and invested in this market. Large consumer demand and large capital investment inevitably promote the emergence and development of children-themed businesses.


High-tech products integrated into children's playground

Unlike ordinary children's playgrounds, the integration of interactive high-tech products into children's playgrounds can better improve the consumer experience, and can also be different from other shopping centers. The Children's Interactive Experience Museum is a knowledge ocean that combines technological exploration and interactive experience. With educational and entertaining, vivid images and parent-child interaction, it leads children to explore, recognize, and love this beautiful world, and learn scientific knowledge in a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere. Children can enjoy their creativity here.


For example, the interactive projection on the wall projects the produced forest scene elements on the huge wall, and uses different picture conversion to produce a shocking effect beyond imagination. It is a visual show full of imagination. The animals and plants in the entire forest paradise are supported by the image, and the advanced interactive projection technology is used to interpret the realistic and vivid movement scenes. The changeable light and shadow effects allow children to visually change while watching and entertaining, just like playing with small animals in a real forest. How to improve the emotional communication and physical and mental health between parents and children? The Children's Interactive Projection Experience Hall not only creates a paradise for children to feel happy in learning, but also provides a platform for each family to experience parent-child interaction fun and enjoy parent-child time. Through parent-child interactive games, you can develop children's abilities in movement, language, cognition, emotion, creativity, and socialization more comprehensively.


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