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How to formulate the marketing strategy of children's indoor playground?

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As we all know, besides good design concepts, perfect theme packaging landscape, reasonable equipment selection, and matching, and other hardware facilities, a successful indoor theme park for children also needs the construction of operating software systems. So, how to successfully complete the marketing work of children's indoor theme park and bring it unexpected benefits? The following will introduce some marketing strategies for the children's indoor theme park store, let's make a deeper understanding of the actual situation of your own park.


The management team is active and strong

A strong operation management team can provide you with various marketing plans and strategies, and can have a calm mind and market analysis ability. And in the operation process, we must regularly strengthen the training of employees' work skills and service awareness, and make timely plans (such as the development direction of children's paradise, upgrade operation management skills, etc.).


Considering early site selection

Investing or operating an indoor children’s amusement park fund is very important, and how to use the funds well requires investors to carefully consider each step. For customers interested in investing in children's play, the location is very important. It is recommended to choose places with high traffic and many children in shopping malls, supermarkets, large communities, kindergartens, etc. This is conducive to long-term operation. The location of general shopping malls and supermarkets can be divided into several aspects: comprehensive shopping malls, supermarket-type shopping malls, large and medium-sized communities, etc.


Comprehensive promotion materials

For promotion and publicity, children's indoor theme parks will usually print the corresponding promotional materials and distribute them to potential customers or hang them inside or outside the park. Events posters, direct-injection magazines, doll toys, cartoon clothes, smiley faces, etc. are all the messages or images and ideas to be conveyed to children and indoor theme parks for children and advertising media for consumers and customers.


Propaganda materials can penetrate into every aspect of daily operations, such as basically all the amusement project facilities in children's indoor theme parks. Not only can it help parents have a clearer understanding and understanding of children's indoor theme parks when they are playing with children, but they can also be brought back by parents and children to play a free publicity role. In addition, the VI visual communication system of the children's indoor theme park itself should be fully penetrated throughout the park and all publicity messages, so that parents and children can feel it everywhere.


Complete advertising plan

Advertising is the first link of marketing promotion. Almost all children's indoor theme parks make an overall promotion plan every year, and there is a corresponding investment budget for advertising costs. Advertising includes the shooting of thematic image commercials, TV ads, newspaper ads, radio ads, magazine ads, TV caption ads, electronic billboard ads, bus ads and online ads. In the annual advertising plan, it is necessary to make the most effective combination of various advertising forms, and to evaluate and analyze the effectiveness of advertising, as the basis for adjusting the next (quarter) annual advertising plan.


Festive promotions

Festival promotions are commonly used in department stores, large shopping malls, or large shopping malls. Children's indoor theme parks can also be cited in marketing because festivals are the best time for children to play. According to relevant reports, from the consumption structure of the children's market, tickets account for about 50%, and other consumption also accounts for about 50%. Taking advantage of festivals to do promotion on commodities or tickets can drive consumption of commodities other than tickets. Multi-faceted festivals and promotional activities are bound to bring richer income to children's indoor theme parks.

When planning festival promotion activities, we must plan unique festival activities according to different festivals. It is worth mentioning that summer holidays, winter holidays, and other large and small festivals are more and more used in the activities of children's indoor theme parks. It has brought more people to this business atmosphere and should be valued.

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