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How to ensure the safety of children on the community outdoor playground?

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Children are lively and turbulent, lack of life experience and self-control, especially younger children like to do outdoor activities, but they only know to play, never consider other factors like the surrounding environment. So it is unsafe for kids to play outside. Most of the play gyms for toddlers in our country are not safe enough, and there are great hidden safety problems, such as slides, seesaws, and flying chairs. Lacking of management and regular inspection, the number of security incidents is innumerable. Although there have been many safety accidents, most parents in China still pay insufficient attention to the safety of outdoor activities, and there are great hidden dangers.


There is also a significant safety problem in the outdoor playground. Many play area for kids pay too much attention to the beauty of the outdoor environment. When young children are engaged in outdoor activities, they especially like to get into narrow path where is unsafe and may threaten the personal safety of young children. This requires a toddler play place to create a reasonable, bright and safe environment for kids.


In summer, the inflatable castles opened in some malls and squares play area are very popular with children. Inflatable castle is an inflatable amusement device with the appearance of a castle. It contains slides, various animal shapes play equipment with colorful colors. These children's play place bring joy to children, but also have safety problem.


Before leading children to play with these children's inflatable rides, it is best to check the equipment for leaks to avoid suffocation caused by air cushion toys; try not to let children bring some metal or hard things to avoid scratches and injury; parents should take good care of them aside. It is strictly forbidden for children to lie on the fence or ride on the guardrail to avoid the children from being injured or collided by intense running or crushing other children.

The safety awareness of children's outdoor activities is not formed in one day. This is a long-term process. Let young children understand what can be done in outdoor activities and what is dangerous.


First of all, these outdoor safety knowledge should be run through every link of the daily activities. For example, when going down the stairs, parents should always remind the child to walk on the right and not push. During activities, let the child be familiar with some of the parents' gestures and conduct more positive guidance.


Secondly, tell the children more stories about safety accidents, let children judge and speculate these stories, and let them know how to deal with these situations.


In addition, during the activity, pay attention to the cultivation of children's rule awareness, so that children can develop good habits of observing the rules. Strengthen the children's awareness of regular sports activities, and tell them how to compliance with the rules during the activity process, let the children know the importance of following the routine when they at kids play center. Finally, parents must give weight to friendly education, so that children learn to help each other and share together.

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