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How to do non-contact exercise outdoors during the COVLD-19?

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During the pandemic, many people stay outside for a long time, but this affects their health in many ways, including: anxiety and stress, restlessness, fatigue and insomnia increase. Many systems in the human body are also affected by reduced activity, including its immune system, muscular system and skeletal system. With the control of the epidemic, some indoor stadiums will be re-developed, but adjustments will be made. Maybe the traditional fitness membership will not be as convenient as usual, because, in order to ensure public safety, the indoor playground is likely to dismantle equipment to arrange proper spacing, and access to the gym area will be restricted or restricted, including free weight lifting, indoor swing set and bounce house play place. According to experience, every 100 square feet (including employees) can only accommodate 1 person. It is predicted that the indoor stadium will take these measures for a period of time, but it is not yet certain whether group training and high-intensity fitness programs will be resumed when the stadium reopens. Therefore, non-contact outdoor sports are very important.



Parks and Trails Provide Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Parks and trails will provide the community with outdoor gym equipment such as outdoor workout bench, outdoor air walker,outdoor gym weights and outdoor exercise bike, while achieving safe social isolation. However, this is mainly outdoor cardio equipments for aerobic exercise, not for the whole body exercise that can be performed in an indoor gym. In addition, outdoor exercise equipment will provide barrier-free exercise options for communities, universities, homeowners associations, etc. These devices are designed for safe and beneficial exercises and provide real exercise value and obvious results.



Benefits of Outdoor Sports

Outdoor sports remove the cost and time barriers associated with indoor fitness facilities. This provides equal opportunities for everyone to improve and maintain their physical health. Compared with indoor exercise, outdoor exercise can reduce stress, improve mood and burn more calories! Over the years, outdoor fitness equipment has become more and more popular. In outdoor fitness, we believe this trend will only continue to grow. Outdoor fitness equipment is a good way to encourage physical exercise of all ages and promote a healthy lifestyle in the family and community. In addition, due to Covid-19, some people may be reluctant to return to indoor fitness facilities, so when the epidemic ends, outdoor fitness may surge globally.



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