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How to design outdoor playgrounds based on children's interests?

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With the improvement of people's life and education, parents pay more and more attention to the education and interaction of their children in their spare time. Because of the demand of experience mode, IP theme experience has become the new favorite of traditional business, and the format of the kids' outdoor playground has become hot.


Target Audience

3 to 6 Years Old

Children between the ages of three and six, because of their young age and limited height and mobility, cannot play too complicated games. Therefore, for children at this stage, it is generally set to be intellectual, physical activity equipment with a small amount of activity, such as bunkers, seesaws, slides, etc.


7 to 11 Years Old

Children between the ages of seven and eleven have infinite curiosity and are eager to explore the surrounding world. We can set up some maze, climbing frame, kids rope course and outdoor trampoline park for children to explore.


12 to 15 Years Old

Children between the ages of twelve and fifteen mainly focus on collective sports venues, and can integrate some popular science and humanities content. Some popular science facilities can be set up to stimulate children's interest in science.


Planning Space

1 to 3 Years Old

The activity site should be open and wide, because children of this age need to be accompanied at all times. And the ground should be soft, the activity facilities should also meet the needs of such children's growth.


3 to 5 Years Old

This kind of child outdoor playground needs a larger rest area, more children's interaction, and more physical activities. It needs a separate activity place and facilities.


5 to 10 Years Old

The development of adolescents needs more interactive activity space and activities suitable for parents to participate in.


Design Elements

The design of children's playgrounds should take safety, shape and sense of space as the main factors of design. Special attention should be paid to the color, pavement, plants and other details. No matter indoor or outdoor playground, the location of playground should be far away from the roadway and the public places with disordered surrounding environment as far as possible, and the children's activity site should not lose contact with the surrounding environment.


Adapt to Local Conditions

Consider the resource conditions of the environmental site, take local materials, design as much as possible to respect nature and restore ecology.


Road Pavement

The external road should be designed short and direct to facilitate children's fast access to the activity area. The internal road should be as interesting as possible, convenient for children's amusement facilities to enter, and ensure the protective measures on the ground.


Diversified Outdoor Playground Equipments

Diversified outdoor playground equipments can enhance the freshness of the experience. Combined with the diversity of activities, the playground can not only satisfy children's curiosity, but also integrate the play and education.


Theme Design

Natural themes, such as water, grass, land, flowers, soil, sand, and other naturalized things, can arouse children's original interest in pursuiting innocent hearts. Bright theme colors will bring children a cheerful mood. And the children who like different colors have distinct personalities. Choosing the color in the design of the child outdoor playground will shape the children's personality, which is beneficial to the healthy development of children's personality.



In short, when designing child outdoor playgrounds, we must adhere to the principles of people-oriented, safety first, and entertainment second, which can not only make children enjoy in the outdoor playground safely and boldly but also learn knowledge and play healthy growth.

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