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How to decorate a playground for preschool kids?

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It is said that modern society is an era of appearance, and we often base our first impression of one person on the appearance of the person. The environment of the indoor children's playground is no exception


A children's playground with a bright decoration theme, innovative features, and colorful children's fun will surely attract people's attention for the first time. With a strong visual impact and various projects, how can it not be welcomed by consumers?


So how to decorate the indoor children's playground?


1. From the Children's Perspective

The design of the indoor children's playground should base on the children's perspective.


1) Color design

Humans are visual animals and are particularly sensitive to color. And what are the children's preferences in color?


Generally speaking, children from 0 to 6 years old are called preschool children. They perceive the world intuitively through sensory stimuli such as color, shape, and sound. The bright solid colors can arouse their strong interest and help them understand the world. Designing the children's space to be colorful is not only suitable for children's naive psychology, but bright colors will overflow with hope and vitality. For weak and introverted children, it is advisable to use contrasting colors to stimulate nerve development.

 kid's playground

2) Style design

The style design has a finishing touch to the overall effect of the kid's playground.


First, the style design should be vivid and lively, close to nature and life, and the appearance of the style should be vivid and expressive. Second, it is best to use animals and plants in the natural ecology. For younger children, it can improve the knowledge of this thing, and it is also conducive to training children's observation ability. Third, the fusion of ever-changing patterns in the style can satisfy children's imagination of the whole thing. Through changing shapes and abstract patterns, they usually attract children's attention, in line with the children's willingness to explore. Fourth, the style should be interesting, so that it can attract children's interest, in line with the characteristics of children's psychological development.



2. From the ParentsPerspective

What aspects do parents pay attention to when choosing indoor children's paradise?


1) Safety design

In the eyes of parents, nothing is more important than the safety of children. The safety design of the indoor children's playground plays a decisive role in the management of the venue. Of course, relying on design and decoration to complete safety measures is not enough. After the decoration, you need to purchase safe and reliable children's playground equipment, daily sanitation cleaning, and equipment safety maintenance.


2) Functional design

It is normal for Chinese families to have children play in paradise and parents accompanying them. Parents don’t dare to keep their children out of their sight. When children's needs are met, parents also have needs. After busy work, they also need to relax and need leisure. How to do it? Indoor children's playgrounds can open up functional areas, such as benches, rest areas, water bars, leisure areas, internet areas, shopping areas, etc., to meet the needs of parents.


3) Educating for fun

Parents hope that children can learn useful knowledge or experience in play. Educating for fun is more dependent on amusement projects, but when designing and decorating walls, floors and other areas, it is recommended to combine children's learning and growth with more consideration.



Excellent decoration design, interesting amusement projects, good management are the key factors for the sustainable operation of indoor children's playgrounds. The three are indispensable.

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