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How to create an outdoor play space for preschoolers?

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Creating an outdoor play space is important and necessary to preschool classrooms. Children in this age need a well-designed outdoor play space which is beneficial to their physical and mental health. But how to create an outdoor play space properly? There are some guidelines that can help you.


1. Choose the right equipment

Choosing the right outdoor playground equipment is the foundation for creating an play space for children. Select the kids outdoor playset that is in the right size and level of complexity for children can interact with safely. For example, choose a small slide for toddlers. The amount of the play equipment should be controllable so that you can make sure the play ground supervisors can see everything going on.


2. Take the security into account

Remember that safety is the first thing you must consider. There are some potential hazards such as sun exposure, topography and rocks or trees. Be sure that you take them into account. Choose the right material of the equipment for the play space. Plastic outdoor playset is the best outdoor play equipment for toddlers because they are safer than metal ones. Plan out the areas where the equipment are placed properly so that children don't interfere with each other while playing. For example, leave enough space between kids swing and slide to prevent children from getting hurt. Please remember to plan for emergency access if needed.


3. Design rest areas

Children love play but they also need a moment of rest. Add some seating such as benches, tree stumps or picnic tables so the play space will have areas for rest. Try to locate your rest areas near the outdoor bathroom so that it’s convenient for children to wash their hands and bring drinking water out to the playground.


4. Make your playground interesting

In order to make the play space more interesting, add different types of outside playground equipment for children. Water play equipment and climbing playground equipment are both great choice. These above will diversify the playground you want to create and offer the chance to exercise the different abilities of children.


5. Add some challenges appropriately in the playground

As we all know, young kids need some opportunities to build courage and gain physical confidence. Use the outdoor adventure play equipment that will allow children to work on large muscle coordination. Meanwhile, safety of the children should be fully considered. Pay particular attention to the slope of ramps and paths.


6. Space for storage is needed

Make sure to include plenty of accessible outdoor storage space. These storage space can be used to keep the children’s and their parent’s belongings. Go to the garden centers and you can typically find storage benches and big box stores which are sturdy and affordable.


Nowadays, the play spaces for preschoolers are often the same, and the design process is often rigid and unrealistic. Creating an interesting outdoor play space for preschoolers isn’t that tough as long as you follow the instructions above. If you want to know more information about the playground equipment and how to create a play space, please feel free to contact us.

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