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How to consider the safety and design of amusement equipment before and after the COVID-19?

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2020 is a chaotic year. The outbreak of COVID-19 has affected many industries. This includes outdoor and indoor playgrounds. However, with the control of the pandemic, the playground has gradually improved. Because of the pandemic, two important factors need to be considered for the reopening of the playground, namely the safety and design of the playground.


Why Playground Design Changes Are Important

Affected by the pandemic, in order to ensure the safety of children and enterprises, the design of the playground should be appropriately changed. Before the pandemic, the impact of the financial crisis showed us that playgrounds such as scenic spots and parks are flexible. The scenic spot industry is strong and will not be greatly affected by the pandemic. However, during this period, adjustments are needed to protect the health of everyone who visits and interacts with the game space.


If the playground does not change to accommodate the commercial space required by the health and safety protocols during COVID-19, it may face the risk of closure and fewer visitors. By implementing playground design modifications, many companies can save money while protecting the experience and safety of guests.


The following factors should be considered in the process of changing the design:


1. Consider safety: When designing, bringing safe amusement facilities into the playground will help attract more business.


2. Add value: Facilities can stand out by creating an interesting, active indoor play area. For example, ball pit playgroundindoor swing setindoor playground slide and so on. By building playgrounds, companies can provide people with a healthy lifestyle, make them act, and challenge their mind, imagination and body. In addition, companies should consider designing facilities for different types of people. For example, mall playground, this is indoor playground for adults. And indoor playground set is designed for kids. Providing children with access to a safe and attractive playground can increase the success rate of enterprises, which is especially important after COVID-19. Amusement parks can increase your traffic and build brand loyalty, satisfy customers, and make business operations flourish.



How to Promote Safety in Indoor Play Space


Companies must take safety measures to help children play. Implementing these methods can not only ensure the safety of customers and employees, but also show the company's attention to its customers and enhance consumer loyalty. To make the gaming space safer during COVID-19, companies can consider the following suggestions:


1. Upgrade amusement equipment: In terms of cleanliness and safety, not all amusement equipment are the same. Affected by the pandemic, companies should use equipment that is easy to clean and durable, and upgrade amusement equipment to make your playground easier to manage.


2. Install signs: Signs can tell visitors how to use the space while maintaining safety in indoor play structure. For example, do you need to wear a mask, do you need to maintain social distancing, and signs for hand washing and disinfection.


3. Install hand disinfection stations: cleaning equipment can ensure the safety of the equipment, hand disinfection stations can ensure that guests' hands are clean and avoid the spread of pathogens. Install one or two hand disinfection stations near the play area, especially where there is no toilet nearby.



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