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How to avoid the hidden dangers of indoor trampoline equipment?

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The indoor trampoline is a new play place combining play and sports. Many young people and children love it.  There are more and more trampoline indoor playground in each city. While we enjoy the relaxation and happiness brought by the trampoline, we must also consider the safety of trampoline exercise, for trampoline operators, how to deal with a trampoline accident?



Professional handling methods for trampoline sports accidents

1. Simple, professional and correct handling

When an accident occurs, the trampoline safety officer and first responder should give a simple but professional treatment as soon as possible. Such as trauma hemostasis, fracture fixation protection, fainting, etc. Make sure that it is handled correctly by a trained professional!




2.Emotional care

As the first person responsible for safety, the store manager is usually relatively capable and is responsible for the communication and handling of accidents. The manager must give emotional and humanistic care to the wounded and his family in the first place. For complaining, try not to talk back, explain strongly, or fight against each other, because the customer must be emotional at that time, and we have to understand it. The purpose of this is to give the other party some time to self-digest.


At this time, we are talking about genuine care, and we are dealing with it professionally. Our goal is to minimize the impact of the accident as much as possible, as long as we do not find the media, other channels should try our best to cooperate. If the customer says he wants to call the police, it does not matter, we can also help him call 110, the police will make a detailed record of the scene as evidence.




3. Subsequent compensation

Small amounts of safety accidents such as scratching are as private as possible, and it is not recommended to find an insurance company to compensate. If the compensation is slightly serious and there are differences in compensation, please try to find the relevant department for mediation, and go through the insurance process with the mediation letter and some medical certificates of the hospital. More seriously, if other costs such as disability identification or design delays are required, the civil litigation process can be followed.



All in all, we must face it calmly, the core of the whole process is: professional! Given professional processing procedures, professional communication and professional cooperation, the relevant departments feel that the whole set of actions of our store is very professional based on the present.




4. Key principles

In the face of trampoline accidents, our key principle is to do our utmost to be conscientious and not humble. Take charge of the place with heart, face the accident with a normal attitude, and handle it with professional procedures. Choosing a high-quality trampoline and a responsible safety officer can avoid risks to a certain extent in advance, just like our previous article also improved how to build a safe trampoline stadiumChildren's trampoline play centres should be more strictly.

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