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How to add fun to the amusement equipment in the community?

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Are you planning a new playground for your community? We recommend you to consider the following factors when planning a new outside playground, which can make it more fun and functional.


Trends in playground equipment

It is a fact that every 5 years, new playground design trends will be emerged, but they will all become outdated over time. So, instead of trends, longevity is the most important thing to be considered when designing a children's playground. The best playground equipment will last over 50 years. Kids' outdoor playset must have slides and some challenging areas. Creating a play area that uses the same colors and shades as your neighbors is one option, but remember that children love bright, bold colors. You can hire a professional children's playground design company to work with you through the preparation of the area, age group, number of children, and budget for the equipment to be used.


Age groups

Our company produces outdoor toddler playsets and swing sets for children of all ages. Before you start designing a playground, you need to know what age group the playground is designed for. Children can usually be divided into two main age groups: 2-5 years and 5-12 years. You can design different spaces and structures for both to better meet their play needs. For example, design children's slides with different heights. This is because a 12-year-old will enjoy a 6ft outdoor slide, but this can be a little daunting for a 3-year-old child.



You need to know how much you want to spend before you choose your design materials. Talking openly with your playground consultant about the price you have in mind can help them design a playground that meets your requirements. It's not true that the more expensive the playground equipment is, the better the quality will be. You can take a look at our website, which has a wide range of inexpensive but good quality outdoor playground equipment.


Safe Surfaces

As part of your playground investment, consider the maintenance and replacement costs of the surface. Engineered wood fiber-covered playground surfacing may offer the lowest cost at the time of purchase, but it requires the most maintenance. Unlike steel playgrounds, recycled plastic timber is not painted and does not require peeling paint or regular painting. This material is also less prone to wear and tear and can be used for a very long time. As a specialist children's entertainment manufacturer, we recommend the use of bonded rubber coverings as a cost-effective playground surface option.



Finally, you need to consider where you want to locate your community playground. Caregivers want to be able to see their children at all times, so it is vital to ensure that the playground structure and space are unobstructed. If you can check the location of the playground and its surroundings before you design it, you won't have to worry about wobbly toddlers getting knocked over or tangled up in dropped balls later.

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