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How to Have Natural Elements in Outdoor Playground

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Nature is an important way for children to learn and grow up. With the development of science and technology, even the younger children begin to turn their attention from the outside playground to the electronic screen. However, compared with online media, outdoor activities allow children to experience the world they live in closer. Outdoor activities can always cultivate more intelligent and cheerful students, who are willing to explore and think. Therefore, parents need to combine nature with outdoor kids games. Here are some methods for your reference.


Create a Natural Outdoor Playground

If you want a playground closer to nature, you can add some outdoor facilities that are in harmony with nature, such as climbing playground equipment and jungle gym swing set. If we want to create a natural appearance and atmosphere for the playground, then it is necessary to choose the natural appearance equipment integrated with the natural environment. We can also use trees, stones, vines and other elements to decorate and transform the traditional game equipment. Of course, the creation of some specific natural theme playground will greatly increase the interest of children.



Modification of Existing Site Topography

Children are often good at running and climbing to exercise their sports ability. On flat terrain, we can build plastic runways or small football fields to provide them with a spacious running environment. Similarly, this kind of terrain is also suitable for some medium and large amusement facilities such as outdoor pirate ship and outdoor play fort.


If there are some hillside terrains in your site, it is especially suitable for placing swing set with big slide or childrens swing set with slide. The terrain of height difference is usually conducive to improving children's climbing ability and hands-on ability.



Water space Is a Special Choice

Children can't resist the temptation of water. Adding water space to your playground design sounds difficult and complex, which often requires more thinking about fun and safety. Parents prefer safer kids water play area. Music fountains and foggers are good for children's water play equipment, which can also attract parents and children.


Another option is to build your playground by the sea or near the snow, with elements of sand and snow, which are also children's favorite natural elements. In addition, these two scenes do not need any additional amusement equipment. Children are more willing to build sand castles or make snowmen with their own hands.



To be sure, living with nature is more effective than creating a false natural environment. Cooperation with trees, streams and mountains is a better choice. Parents can bring a picnic box and interesting fairy tale books to enjoy afternoon tea with their children under the tree. You can also take a pair of badminton rackets for proper physical exercise in the park. Leisurely fishing by the river can improve children's patience. A small insect net and diary will record children's meaningful laughter during the summer vacation. It is nature that gives birth to us, and it is also our choice to grow up in nature.


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