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How many types of children's playground slides?

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The slide is a large-scale toy commonly used in outdoor children’s playgrounds. It is a favorite amusement facility for children aged 3 to 10. The color of the kid's slide is beautiful and novel, and different shapes and materials can be customized. According to the material and shape of the slide, it can be divided into the following types.


Plastic slide

The first type is the plastic slide playset we often mention. It uses imported engineering plastic material to blow molding. The color, size, and length of the slide can be customized. In the shape, there are "forest slides, castle slides, animal world slides, drill hole slides" and other different styles to choose from. Children’s plastic slide sets have better comfort, smooth sliding force, and lower production difficulty. They are commonly used in kindergartens, parks, communities, and playgrounds. They are suitable for children aged 3-8.


Stainless steel slide

The stainless steel slide is made of 304 stainless steel, which has very good thermal expansion performance. This material has the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction, which can be customized with different shapes of children's slides. And the durability is also very good, it will never break, which is very suitable for outdoor use, rainproof, high temperature, and not deformed. Now many outdoor parks, playgrounds, residences, and even shopping malls use stainless steel slides. It is because stainless steel has very good performance. It is more suitable for children aged 7-14. Therefore, some Internet celebrity spiral slides and translucent stainless steel slides are made with this material.


Wooden slide and PE board slide

Compared with plastic slides and stainless steel slides, kid's slide wooden use yellow rosewood or Pinus sylvestris wood, which is safe and environmentally friendly, and the texture is quite soft. The wooden indoor slide for toddlers is designed to ensure the safety of children, and it will not cause harm to children if used for a long time. , The external shape of the outdoor wooden slide is very novel and keeps up with the trend. It is designed according to the children's favorite shape, which fits the current children's aesthetics, so that the children will be more willing to play.


Splicing slide

Spliced slides have become popular in recent years. Compared with the above slide styles, spliced slides are made up of plastic slide for kids. The color can also be customized. The length and size of the slide are designed according to different styles. Nowadays, playing splicing  swings and slides have appeared more and more in outdoor children's playgrounds. It can be said that splicing slides will also become a common kind of children's amusement facility in the future.


In daily life, the kid's playing slide plays a very important role in children's entertainment activities. Moreover, more and more shopping malls are introducing kid's slide and swing to attract passenger traffic. However, we should draw attention to the types of slides and the safety of the slides when choosing them. Just contact us to get professional advice and analysis now.

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