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How do parents interact with their children in Preschool Playground?

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At present, the advantages of indoor children's parks in promoting family consumption are increasingly prominent. Most business districts in most large and medium-sized cities have‘standard’fancy kids' playgrounds. They are no longer limited to a single business type but become a cross-border combination of multiple business types and a comprehensive body of growth, education, and entertainment of children. This paper will discuss the reconstruction of the consumption content of the indoor play centres.



1. Create a Scene and Immersive Experience

Since 2010, there have been two obvious changes in the format of fancy kids' playgrounds. First, theme building has gradually become the core issue of construction, operation, and management of children's parks and even the whole amusement industry. Secondly,‘park operators with entering the market, and parks with copyright, resources and theme content gradually become the mainstream of the market. Therefore, more and more kid’s play place to build their own IP, and create an indoor children's park that is more in line with the trend, closer to the customer group, and more entertaining from the top-level design fields such as‘Park advantage’, ‘content setting’ and more competitiveness’.


For example, a well-known animation IP company has created a parent-child paradise with an animation theme and launched the‘IP + industry-wide platform plan to provide consumers with richer entertainment consumption scenes.


kid’s play place 

2. Cooperate with the Theme to Create a Complex Business Form

For the theme park, the integration of design, projects, services, and supporting complex formats has become the mainstream of the current development. In terms of setting, indoor soft play pays more attention to education and entertainment and cooperates with the theme to create entertainment content that attracts children. The scene design in line with the mainline of the story and the shaping style to attract children's attention make the indoor children's park more competitive.


For example, in terms of building a complex business, a park has done a very good job. It is divided into five areas, video game area, software amusement area, professional scene experience area, catering retail area, and theater. It is planned and combined according to the product models of different areas. The children and parents who play can experience the equipment with the theme, safety, and interactive entertainment, and achieve the interaction between parents and children.



3. Interaction between Parent and Child 

The combination of theme and interaction will be a major direction of the development of fancy kids playgrounds, and integration ability will be the key to the market competitiveness of fancy kids playgrounds in the future.


In the future, the development orientation of fancy kids playground will be more inclined to introduce the project content of family participation and common entertainment. In addition to thinking about how to play’, how to let parents and children play together should also be thought about. The fancy kid's playground is no longer only for children but will become a real family entertainment center. The consumption model of the park will also change from the children's initial request to the park to the parents' preference and initiative to take the children to the park. It can be seen that‘IP + children + household consumption + retail's the new trend of the development of children's real industry, and also an important link to build their own competitiveness.


Of course, the rapid development of the children's play market also has disadvantages. Due to the relatively low threshold, large-scale capital entry and excess supply are caused. There are many brands of fancy kids' playgrounds, but they are uneven. Homogenization and single operation service mode also make consumers feel aesthetic fatigue, thus hindering the industry's progress. But this is the inevitable process of market development. Through market regulation, survival of the fittest, and actively looking for a new breakthrough to solve the pain point and bottleneck, the industry access threshold can gradually be established in the future.

 fancy kids playground

In a word, it is not only spatial design, product planning, and service experience that resonate and stick with consumers but also because of its strong liquidity to drive family consumption and innovation ability to reconstruct consumption content, fancy kids’ playground has greater advantages in the market competition. In the future, fancy kids playground still needs to accurately grasp the needs of users, strive to create differentiated products, and quickly establish a model that is not easy to be copied and has certain competitiveness in the market.

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