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How can the online community smoothly integrate into the indoor playground?

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Speaking of e-commerce, the first thing I think of is its convenience and its pervasive marketing strategy. Nowadays, the development of e-commerce is gradually improving, so how can the children's indoor playground ride this "fast train"? This article will analyze the reasons for Wanda Baby King's success in developing children's amusement industry using the logic of social e-commerce, and draw lessons from it.


Definition of Social E-Commerce

At present, social activities relying on the Internet are becoming more and more common. In the daily lives of many Internet users, social networking on Weibo and WeChat has become an indispensable part of it. Specifically, it uses online social platforms such as Weibo and WeChat to spread and share the content of the goods, and guides users to purchase or consume goods.


① From the consumer's perspective, social e-commerce and its shopping behavior are mainly related to the selection of stores and products before shopping, the interaction with sellers during shopping and the consumer evaluation and shopping sharing formed by consumers after shopping.


②From the perspective of e-commerce companies, the main purpose of using social networks in e-commerce activities is to strengthen communication with users and promote smoother product promotion and sales.


③From the perspective of social network media, the main purpose of marketing e-commerce is to obtain corresponding advertising profits by promoting and selling e-commerce enterprise products.


The following text will introduce how Wanda Baby King uses social e-commerce to run children's amusement parks.

 children's amusement parks

Holding thousands of mothers to reposition the online business

According to public information, the user group of Wanda Baby King Indoor Children's Theme Park is aimed at Chinese parent-child families from 0 to 8 years old and focuses on the theme of anime IP. Like the new format of Wanda Group, Wanda Baby King is composed of three major sections: amusement, early education and IP.


Wanda Group's expectations for Baby King, from the Wanda Annual Meeting held in Harbin in 2017, Wanda Chairman Wang Jianlin repeatedly mentioned Baby King and proposed that "Baby King may exceed Wanda Movies and become another new core company of Wanda Group "This is evident in this assertion. It is reported that Baby King Group's revenue in 2017 was 1.44 billion yuan, an increase of 176% year-on-year.



Reuse the amusement industry with social e-commerce logic

According to Wanda Baby King to Yibang Power, each store currently has multiple mother groups, and there are thousands of mother groups across the country. There are many ways to carry out activities around this huge community base.


"One is the shopping guide, and there is a commission fee; the other is the membership, and there are coupon rewards; the promotion is through the public account and applet; when the store is opened, the consumer scans the QR code of the offline store to become a member. "New members will also receive corresponding rewards, including exclusive packages and discounts for members, and activities for old members to join new members. New members join and purchase amusement products, and old members will be rewarded accordingly.


"Perhaps this kind of social e-commerce play is very common in the retail industry, but it is actually difficult to control in the amusement industry, especially the chain amusement industry, so we only tried to promote through online tools."


According to an entertainment industry insider who was introduced to Yibang Power, compared with the retail industry, the online promotion of the entertainment industry is mainly limited by the following points.


"First, late development, low starting point, and uniformization and digitization are not good; second, amusement is a non-standard industry, it is difficult to meet the standards. The earliest are started by individuals and couples, and no standards are required; there is still a gap between the personnel capacity of the entire amusement industry and retail. "


In addition, the industry insider pointed out that, besides these, the final difference is the customer base. In his words, the retail industry can continue, but the amusement is phased, and after that stage, the loyal customers will be lost.


It is reported that the children's play industry has three main features: the first is that customers just need it, which is suitable for children to play (based on the consideration of being close to home and the environment and the price of the environment); the second is that there are more regular customers. Pull together, such as a community, or a kindergarten, children playing adults will gather together to exchange and so on.


Finally, when customers are waiting for boredom, they can basically complete new ways by giving away some coupons and sending friends.


The digital non-standard of the amusement industry is difficult

Under the epidemic situation, how to make enterprises transform into digital has become the thinking and practice of more and more enterprises. Under this epidemic, a phenomenon that was neglected in the past also appeared. In the past, most of the children who took their children to the playground consumed the elderly, that is, their grandparents, but through this epidemic, it was found that in fact, parents and parents recharge online. It is acceptable for the elderly to lead their children offline.



Yibang Power understands that compared with the digitization of other industries, the difficulty in digitizing the amusement industry lies in the standardization of service assessment systems.


"I did retail for many years before. After contacting the amusement industry, I realized that it is really too difficult to standardize." An industry source said that compared to offline physical stores that sell maternal and infant products, the amusement industry essentially sells services, so the assessment system is more complicated.


At the same time, the industry pointed out that the image of the store can be more energy at present, and the overall situation of the store is determined from the passenger flow, card swipe rate, revenue and customer feedback.


As for how to choose the content of the live entertainment industry, according to a practitioner who introduced to Yibang Power, some live content should be added to the live broadcast of the maternal and child store. And on this basis, the product is launched, but if the audience of the mother and baby live broadcast is a child (for example, the online course that Baby King is doing now), it is necessary to interact well, otherwise it is difficult to achieve results.


In addition, Yibang Power noticed that Baby King is also interacting with members through vibrato and mother groups to attract children and increase stickiness with users to ensure that customers are not lost. 



At present, combined with online marketing strategies, investing in children's playgrounds is still very promising.

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