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Have you learned about unpowered playground equipment?

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In recent years, unpowered amusement equipment such as outdoor swing sets has gradually entered people's field of vision, and is widely used in theme parks, scenic spots, commercial real estate and other fields. In this article we will introduce what unpowered play equipment is and why it is popular.


What Unpowered Playground Equipment Is.

Unpowered playground equipment simply means that it does not have any power device such as electric, hydraulic or pneumatic, and is composed of parts and structures, fasteners and connecting parts with functions of climbing, walking, drilling and swinging.


Reasons Why Unpowered Playground Equipment Is Popular

1. Based on the Needs of Children

With the changes in the characteristics of China's population structure, coupled with the liberalization of the second child policy, the demand for family parent-child games is very strong, and the unpowered children's play equipment is precisely a game that children is the core to promote parent-child interaction. Naturally, releasing children's instincts and including parent-child interactive entertainment are the key to attracting family’s attention.


2. Wide Range of Applications

With the development and demand of the market, unpowered playground equipment has occupied an important position in the industry. At present, the domestic unpowered playground facilities are widely used in the following four sectors, including the most traditional education sector, estate developer communities and business centers, municipal parks and leisure plazas, and the travel industry.


3. High Cost Performance

Due to its wide range of applications, compared with mechanical power equipment costing tens of millions of yuan, unpowered playground equipment investment is relatively small, and is not limited by the site. Equipment can be customized according to the terrain environment, the project scale can be adjusted and the investment volume is flexible and controllable. Unpowered playground equipment is the first choice for cost-effective planning.


4. High Degree of Environmental Integration

Unpowered playground facilities can be flexibly combined to adapt to projects of different scales and different environments and types, and can be highly integrated with the local cultural environment and natural landscape, which is convenient for product replacement.


5. Good Product Interaction

The interactivity of the unpowered outdoor playground equipment is reflected in the elaborate design and scientific matching of its products. The unpowered outdoor playground equipment can be experienced and felt by one person alone, and can also be played by multiple people. The current unpowered outdoor playground equipment is more comprehensive and complex, and more emphasis is placed on collaboration and interaction between people. This coincides with the psychology of children who need to be accompanied by playmates and eager to make friends.


6. Stronger Sensory Experience

Unpowered outdoor playground equipment usually focuses on the creation of IP stories. Its shape can be strange and creative. This makes it easy to bring the children in it into the prescribed settings and let them fully use their imagination.


7. High security and low maintenance cost

Unpowered playground equipment is better in safety and maintainability than other amusement equipment. All game facilities in the unpowered amusement sector can use protective ground to reduce the probability of injury from falling from the facility. If the child falls off from the outdoor swing sets, the probability of the child being injured is much reduced due to the protective ground. Moreover, the maintenance cost of unpowered playground equipment is low. Generally, unpowered playground parks are basically guaranteed for five years and do not require annual national inspection.


Each unpowered playground facility aims to improve their learning ability, increase happiness during play. While having fun and joy, the body gets aerobic endurance exercise.



With the development of unpowered playground equipment, the types of unpowered amusement equipment are becoming more and more diversified. They are not limited to common forms such as outdoor swing set, slides and trampoline. Future unpowered rides will incorporate more new elements and new gameplay, and pay more attention to the customer's experience. Theme-type unpowered parks will also become a new trend in the development of unpowered rides. More theme elements will be integrated into the design of unpowered rides to attract more customers to participate in the experience.

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