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Experience the Best Modular Rope Course

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Rope lessons are designed for players looking for sky experiences and fun, including multi-level and linear paths with different themes such as jungle explorer, ice world discovery, etc. We suggest that you use the modular rope course together with the playground clipping frame and outdoor adventure play equipment. We also added some challenging elements to these attractive and interesting devices. With the improvement of multi-level, the capacity and security can be further improved. The following are several activity areas with different difficulties to meet the entertainment needs of passengers of different ages.



Yellow Children's Area

The yellow area is specially designed for children aged 3-8, providing a safe and interesting activity area for them. This area gives priority to safety. Therefore, we can design some small playsets outdoor or outside playground for toddlers. Parents can also relax for a while and watch the children play in the rest area.


The site can be divided into indoor and outdoor parts. Indoor environment is more suitable for young children to play. Toys and devices such as jumping fun kids indoor bounce house and trampoline play center, are more sleek and softer for safety reasons. The outdoor environment is for older children, which is more in line with their nature of running.



Green Family Area

The green area is 2 - 5 meters above the ground, which is very suitable for families with children to play with. We have arranged adventure swing set and rope clipping structure playground, which are suitable for parents and children to work together. In addition, this area has nine different challenges that will help you warm up before you start conquering more difficult areas. Rock climbing introduces the art of balance and agility through an interactive boulder route, with thick cushions to cushion falls, which awakens and stimulates muscles.



Blue Challenge Area

There are 10 obstacle courses in the blue area, which can increase the difficulty anytime and anywhere! In addition, we also add the sensor playground ideas, which greatly improves the play ability of the area. Multi sensor playground will stimulate your senses and bring you an immersive interactive experience. Ninja course is a sports and entertainment element for all ages, perfect for improving strength, endurance, coordination and agility. These obstacles make participants face numerous challenges, whether it is training in a safe environment, competition or breaking their limits in friendly competition. The man-made cave exploration challenge has designed a dark tunnel for participants in the maze to observe the stalactites, pits, fossils and other magical functions in the tunnel, which can provide realistic exploration for people of all ages!



Red Stimulation Area

In the red area, you can experience the 100-meter glide through the woods! Then you can go to the black area to experience the 39-meter sliding rope and the 15-meter-high cliff waterfall diving, which is cool and exciting! There are many packages to choose from. At the same time, we are also equipped with a professional coach to accompany you all the way, bringing you unforgettable adventure experience!



Whether you are a novice, amateur or professional, you can get a happy experience in our whole course. There is no doubt that all activities are equipped with an international standard seat belt mechanism to ensure your safety.

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