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Do children in kindergartens need frequent climbing training?

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The benefits of doing the climbing activities for children

Children's climbing ability is generally easily overlooked by adults. In fact, climbing is a sport that almost all children like very much in their childhood. Almost all young children like to climb high. The kids rope course is really attractive to children. Adults can see that for children before the age of 3, if there is a staircase nearby, the child will climb up the staircase without hesitation. When in the house or at home, children always like to climb on chairs, sofa backs, cabinet tops, or window sills. Don't think that these behaviors and actions are too naughty for children. In fact, this is the common feature of children.


Climbing can help children's comprehensive development. Climbing activities require children to mobilize the various parts of the body to coordinate the operation, and require the comprehensive cooperation of hands, feet, eyes and the body. Children's climbing skills can promote the coordination of children's body, making them more flexible and responsive. Whenever the child climbs to a new place, the change in the distance and height of the mountain brings a new feeling and body face to the child's vision, which not only helps to cultivate the child's spatial concept but also helps the child to observe surroundings from a new angle. Therefore, climbing can not only practice motor skills, promote physical development, but also explore the environment. Moreover, climbing is also a way for children to work hard to understand the living environment. In the process of climbing, the children will have a lot of fun from it, so the children will find it very interesting to climb off the ground and climb up, so they practice repeatedly.


The children are gradually overcoming difficulties from time to time, accumulating experience, improving skills, courage and self-confidence, which will not exist without foundation. It is precisely in the children's repeated attempts to train themselves, the spirit of fearlessness and perseverance lays the initial foundation for their personal struggle spirit after they grow up.


Recognize the danger of climbing correctly

Of course, climbing is also dangerous, so you should also do protection work. If children are forbidden to climb because they are afraid of danger, although children may be temporarily safe, their sense of sports, enthusiasm for practicing skills, exploration of the environment and the desire to learn new things will also be suppressed and restricted. Children who lack climbing training often have poorer motor coordination. Then, when these children are playing with other partners, they will feel themselves inferior and they will also show fear in the social interaction in the future, so parents should pay attention to their children’s climbing ability training.


Once the baby learns the skill of climbing, driven by curiosity, he likes to climb everywhere. Climbing allows them to stand at a higher place to observe the world, and to see what they want to see through climbing. As the saying goes, the newborn calf is not afraid of tigers. Don't look down on kids. Although they have difficulty running on the road, they are very confident in conquering the height. However, it caused a high level of tension among parents, especially the elderly or nanny. For the safety of the baby, the baby was forbidden to climb.


In fact, climbing is a physical manifestation of the baby's eagerness to understand the world. Physical challenges of climbing help the development of young children's frontal lobe and cerebellum. The former is the brain's center for reasoning and problem solving, and the latter is responsible for balance and coordination. Like climbing, walking, moving, and other sports, climbing high can cultivate your baby's sense of space. When the baby successfully climbs on the sofa or climbs the steps of the stairs, he/ she gains understanding of the relationship between his body and the world, and has a better understanding of how to adjust his/ her movements to avoid danger.



As we all know, proper outdoor exercise can help your child's physical and mental health and help children grow taller and smarter. Parents of young children can take their children to play outdoor playground and indoor playground, etc. Kids in the kindergarten can also participate in climbing activities. In recent years, rock climbing has become popular at home and abroad. Participating in rock climbing will make you learn to be strong in the competition with the cliffs, feel tolerance in the embrace of mountains, and enjoy the joy of success and victory after conquering the climbing route.


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