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Can children learn knowledge in the process of playing in the indoor playground?

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n the 1940s, some psychologists in the United States conducted research on children and asked three-year-old, five-year-old, and seven-year-old children to stand upright. As a result, the three-year-old group of children could not do it. 7-year-old children can meet the requirements of researchers. Sixty years later, another psychologist repeated the experiment and found that the children's self-control ability was significantly weakened. Scientists explain one reason for this result is that children have less time to play freely, and a key way to develop children's self-control ability is to play. For example, in ninja course games, children tell themselves what they are going to do and what they should do by talking to themselves, and formulate rules of the game to overcome obstacles and control their emotions. This fully shows the importance of playing for children's development, and that games are good for children's entire physical and mental development.


5 benefits of games for children's physical and mental development

1. Promote the development of bodily functions and motor functions

Many game activities require the participation of the whole body, and are realized by running, jumping, climbing, rolling and other sports, so games can promote blood circulation throughout the body, exercise cardiopulmonary function, increase body motion control ability and flexibility of movement, which is conducive to children's growth. Games can also promote the development of children's hand operation ability and fine movements, and increase hand-eye coordination.


2. Promote the development of perception function

When playing, children not only need to exercise, but also use facial features, receive stimulation of information such as vision, hearing, touch, vestibular balance, body gravity, body kinesthetic and smell in the environment, and use this information to make judgments and produce corresponding behavioral responses. Therefore, games can obtain perceptual stimuli, promote the development of nerve function and the development of sensory integration.


3. Games promote language development

In social games, interactive games, and regular games, there are language expressions such as language imitation, verbal communication, role-playing, and narrative and interpretation of game rules among children. Through games, children can practice language understanding and expression, increase vocabulary and complexity of sentences, learn grammar usage and language expression skills, and improve language skills.


4. Games promote the development of cognitive abilities

Imaginative games can use imitation and imagination to reproduce children's life experiences. On the contrary, they can also reconstruct, transform, change and create new experiences in the games. Children can fully use their imagination and play in different ways. In constructive games, children can improve their visual-spatial ability, learn quantitative concepts, and learn new knowledge and concepts in social communication games. In addition, in the game, children must constantly observe things, analyze and judge, and think about ways to solve problems. Through repeated gameplay, the child's cognitive ability will be continuously improved.


5.Games promote social, emotional and personality development

Children are happy and confident during the games. They need to cooperate with people, which helps them exercise the ability of interpersonal interaction and getting along with people. During the games, children are relatively relaxed and put down their guard, helping them overcome their timid weakness. When playing social games, children can learn new social skills and social ethics. In group games, they must follow the rules of the game, learn to rotate, wait, and overcome the problems of self-centeredness.




As we all know, proper outdoor exercise can help your children's physical and mental health, and help children grow taller and smarter. Parents of young children can take their children to play outdoor playground and indoor playground, etc., and older ones can participate in some outdoor adventure rope course. In modern cities, there are many fancy kids’ playgrounds for kids to enjoy the happiness of playing, which is a convenient way for kids to obtain both physical and mental achievements.

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