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Are games and learning equally important?

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Many people may think that learning is more important for children, but in fact, play in kids outdoor play area and learning are both important. Game is a kind of happy and autonomous activity that meets the requirements of children's physical and mental development. It has the characteristics of autonomy, fun, fiction, sociality and concrete practice. So, the importance of playing in outdoor play area and learning is the same.


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The Meaning of Learning

1. Early Childhood Is the Best Period for Intellectual Development

Studies have shown that early childhood is the fastest period of brain development. The brain is closely related to intelligence. Therefore, in the period of rapid development of children's brain, early education has a particularly large impact on intelligence. If children are given proper early education in the correct way during this period, their intelligence level can be significantly improved.


2. Early Childhood Is a Critical Period for a Sound Personality

In early childhood, children's personality qualities begin to sprout and gradually take shape. At this time, their plasticity is strong and their self-evaluation has not yet been established. They often evaluate themselves based on the evaluation of their parents and teachers. Therefore, early childhood education plays an important role in the formation of children's personality qualities.


The Meaning of Playing in Outdoor Play Area

1. Cultivation of Language Ability

Games also play an important role in children's language mastery. Many facts have shown that the key to children's language development lies in giving them opportunities to practice speaking in various ways, such as playing with other kids in outdoor play area for kids. When playing outdoor playground equipment with other children, children also need to communicate with other children, which cultivate language ability.


2. Development of Athletic Ability

Life lies in exercise, and children's athletic ability is manifested in muscle control, body balance, and movement coordination. The development of this ability is achieved in playing with other kids on outdoor playground for kids. Develop children's drill, climb, balance and other abilities, promote the development of children's large muscle groups, and make movements more coordinated during playing with outdoor playground equipment. A variety of sports games include sports such as climbing, chasing, jumping, rope skipping, and sliding slides. The athletic ability of children increases with the improvement of the game level.

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3. Development of Communication Skills

During playing on outside playground for students, there are both the relationship between the roles and the relationship between the game groups, which provides opportunities for children to communicate frequently. When children interacted, not only did they exercise their language, they also improved their communication.



In general, young children need not only learning, but also appropriate playing time on outdoor playground set. During the game, children’s cognition, memory, thinking, and intentional attention are better than usual. This is because in a relaxed and cheerful game situation, it is easier to stimulate the children’s initiative, imagination and desire for creativity. If the school needs to buy kids play equipment, OULE is recommended. This company provides beautiful, high-quality outdoor playground equipment of various types, suitable for school choice.

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