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Amusement park for disabled children-the barrier-free water park

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Every summer, many children hope that their parents will take them to the water park playground to experience the cool charm of summer and the happy time of fun. With the thrill of the playground water slide and the funny offensive and defensive battle of water guns, The laughter is often a cheerful portrayal.


However, what we did not expect is that children with disabilities also look forward to these enjoyments.


In San Antonio, Texas, Morgan's Wonderland, which has always been committed to the rights of disabled children, opened the world's first disabled kid’s outdoor playground in 2010. It also officially opened its first kid’s water playground on June 17, 2017-"Morgan's Inspiration Island" , a park of more than 1.2 hectares, which is fully dedicated to the cost of 17 million U.S. dollars created for disabled children.


The emergence of this outdoor water playground is not only the most touching comfort in the hearts of disabled people, it is also the existence of the least discriminatory and completely barrier-free space. Founder Gordon Hartman's philosophy is to create a comprehensive and happy environment for disabled children in such inconvenient society. Who says that disabled children can't play in the outdoor water play equipment? Who said that they don't have the right to cool off the heat?


What is this water park like?

When you actually come to the water park playground, the spacious and bright space is the first impression for everyone. The colorful buildings and flat barrier-free spaces can easily reach every place you want to go with a wheelchair. There are 6 main water play equipment around the lighthouse which is full of characteristics like a tropical paradise.


In the kid’s water play area, the park provides special waterproof wheelchairs, so visitors do not have to worry about their wheelchairs damaging the circuit due to flooding.


Every child wears a bracelet with GPS positioning system on their wrists. Parents never have to worry about the child getting lost when playing. Children who are sensitive to noise also have particularly quiet areas.


In addition, the water temperature in the entire best water playground is controlled, and it will be warmer than the normal temperature of the general water park, so that these weak children can not catch a cold because of the cold. There are also many spacious private waters here, where parents can safely take their children to play directly. What's more intimate is that there are several dedicated doctors on call at any time in the park to help the children in real time in case of special situations.


In fact, there are so many people with disabilities all over the world. If they can also enjoy the summer arbitrarily, how happy would that be?


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