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7 tips and precautions for children's playground design

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The design of kid’s playground has a great influence on the future development of the amusement park. Therefore, the design and planning of the playground should be investigated at the beginning of the park construction.


Understand the needs of children

It is important to understand children and their needs. Children have the right to play, to see pleasant colors in the game, to experience the joy of the game and the happiness of obtaining knowledge from it. Children play without definite purpose but by instinct. Their games are a reflection of the adult world in the way they become a full human being.


Divide age groups

What is the target age of the user group of a outdoor slide playground service? Which age group should the outdoor playground suppliers consider? First, determine which age group the playground will serve. Children's playground planning for this point is a crucial process. When build a fully functional playground, it is necessary to consider the different needs of children of various ages and their stages of development. If the playground needs to accommodate disabled children, their special needs should also be fully considered.


Objective conditions of the site

Define the area and boundaries of the outside playground. Pay special attention to those objective factors that will affect the placement of outdoor playground equipment such as water channels, obstacles, lamp posts, etc.


Entrance and exit of the venue

The location of the kids outside playgrounds should notice the surrounding traffic conditions. Is it convenient to ride a bicycle or skateboard in the playground, and is it convenient to bring strollers or wheelchairs into it?


Equipment placement and color

Factors such as light, shadow, sun, and wind must be taken into consideration. Another important factor is the color of the outdoor playset. TThe influence of color on children is obvious. Bright and cheerful colors will bring children happy emotions.


Material selection of amusement equipment

Confirm that outdoor play equipment suppliers have passed the relevant national certification. Do not use materials containing toxic substances, such as wood containing aluminum and arsenic, or other waste materials such as old telephone poles, railway sleepers, etc. If you have any questions, please consult relevant information.


Learn about products and features

Whether for children or their adult companions, the kid’s outdoor playgrounds should be an exciting, inspiring, and challenging place. The rides should be carefully selected. Choose a variety of outdoor adventure play equipment such as swings, slides and water, sand, etc. Different types of games constitute the overall atmosphere of the playground. It is important to meet the gaming needs of children of all ages. Therefore, playgrounds should constantly understand the developmental stages and needs of children.



According to investigations, the current indoor and outdoor children's playground has a unique design style. The Sweet Village theme park and the cartoon doll theme park have cultural backgrounds. Like foreign Disney children's parks, images, cartoons, and children like this kind of park.


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