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Will children of different ages behave differently on the slide?

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Playing on the outdoor slide sets in the fancy kid's playground is one of the children's activities and playing on the kid's playset slide is their favorite one. Whether in the community or in the playground, we can see a variety of slides for children. Why are children so fascinated by slides? In fact, outdoor slides can not only satisfy children’s needs to challenge themselves but also be full of excitement. Playing on the slides can also allow children to get a variety of unique experiences by climbing, jumping, sliding, and so on.


The benefits of children playing slides don't limit to these. If we want to buy the child swing set with slide recently, I believe that the following types of slides and knowledge of purchase may be helpful to you.


The Benefits of Children by Playing Slides

Keep Fit Through the Game

When children slide, they must let themselves go up, which can make the children integrate into the world of children. Also, they can exercise their physical fitness and increase their balance and they can also obtain a sense of coordination.


Improve Children's Language and Social Skills

Children's feelings when playing are the most sincere. Under the common hobby of playing on the slides, children have many opportunities to meet other children to make new friends. In the interaction between children, children can also learn to interact with others which can also stimulate their potential and improve children's cognitive skills and language skills. It can not only make a lot of playmates when playing on the slide but also increase the children's feeling of trust and cultivate their sense of teamwork.


Increase Child's Courage and Self-Confidence

In the process of playing on the slide, children can exercise their courage of sliding down from the top of the slide to experience the thrill of speed. The process of playing is also conducive to raising children's awareness of self-protection and creativity.

 playing on the slide

How do children of different ages play the slide?

Children of 8 months to 1-year-old

At this time, children can play on the indoor slides of slow height. But at this time, the child can't control the balance of his body. During the process of sliding down, parents should protect the children along with the sliding.


Children of 1-2 years old

Under the protection of parents, children of 1-2 years old can play on the straight slides with relatively small slopes to let children understand the rules of playing on the slides.


Children of 2-3 years old

Parents can let children try to play on a slide of a small size. During the play, we can guide the child to control the speed of the sliding by holding and releasing the two sides of the slide and to feel the balance and friction with the body.


Children of 3-4 years old

Children can try the slides of large size and the rotating slides in the outdoor playground, which can consciously exercise the child's physical coordination.

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