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Sensory Integration Therapy Equipment
Sensory Integration Therapy Equipment
Application scenario
Babycare center
Health recovery centre
Sensory Integration Therapy Equipment is a secret weapon to comprehensively improve children's abilities. When the sensory integration is working well, the child’s brain, eyes, ears, hands, and feet are highly coordinated during study, exercise, and exercise. The adaptability of learning activities and the ability of language expression will be improved, and the communication skills will also be enhanced. When sensory integration is not working well, children ’s brain and nervous system activities are like crowded traffic or China ’s perception of poor information flow. At this time, the virtual rehabilitation sensory integration training environment created for children through the latest multimedia technology includes rich and colorful the training program, combined with the most scientific physical sensory integration therapy equipment, like Infant Climb Tube, Children Tunnel, makes the teaching content rich and diverse, effectively improves the tactile, vestibular sensation and proprioception of the child ’s skin, and realizes the connection and coordination of various functions of the brain and body, promoting the children’s physical development.



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