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How to ensure safety in the design of indoor playgrounds?

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Make Sure the Playground Is Not Congested. 

Provide enough space for children to play without touching each other and other equipment in the baby's indoor playground. Check the clearance area required for each device, and make sure you have at least enough space around the device.


Choose Playground Equipment Carefully. 

Pay attention to the importance of children's playground equipment safety, we must start from the source of design, in the production and processing is to pay attention to the safety guarantee of material selection. Carefully at the safety standards and purchase equipment from well-known companies with a long history of safety advocacy. Be careful when buying second-hand amusement equipment, as it may be near the end of its useful life and may not meet current safety standards. Do not choose a cheap indoor playground. Generally, the indoor playground is cheaper, the worse the equipment quality.

a cheap indoor playground

Besides choosing the playground equipment, a playground equipment check is also essential. In many large-scale children's playgrounds, all kinds of children's playground equipment are inspected for safety, unqualified or worn, need to be updated in time, do a lot of inspection work, do not leave any hidden danger. The daily maintenance of children's playground equipment is also very important because no matter how good the equipment maintenance can't keep up, there will be hidden dangers.


Consider the Age of the Children on Your Playground.

Age-appropriate play space is crucial because the same device is safe for older children but not safe for young children. Like the baby swing set indoors, if its size is too big, it will bring danger to children. We must find the best indoor playground for toddlers as well as older children. Many kids like the indoor inflatable playgrounds, but some older children like bounce house playgrounds and indoor bouncy castle playgrounds. So we must build the safest and most fun playground for kids.


Provide Good Safety Surfacing. 

With Pour-in-place rubber surfacing and modular tiles, you can customize surfacing according to the space and the equipment. Especially at high altitudes, under slides, climbers and swings, please make sure to provide enough paving.

Manufacturers in the treatment of safety design must have a comprehensive grasp, such children's playground equipment will be safer and more reliable, and the children play happily. The parents also feel at ease.


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